Sunday, February 28, 2010

CNY @ hometown Taiping part 1

Two days before Valentine days, I had travelled almost 300km all the way north to my hometown - Taiping. I tried to get back earlier ( 2 days before CNY) to avoid the massive congestion on the highway. The jam was already there waiting for me to be part of them. FML!!! Trapped in the jam queue starting from Sungkai. Luckily, the jam didn't last long. Smoother way starting from Ipoh way back to Taiping.
CNY jam always be the biggest fear of the driver. Energy saping journey made me yawn all the way to Taiping. Please don't follow the car in front too close to avoid tragedy happen. Do not snap picture while you was driving, that was dangerous man!!!

Reunion dinner was one of the most important event during the CNY. Everyone will be gathering along and had a dinner together with some fancy homemade dishes.

Here were some dishes that my 2nd aunty prepare. Every year, she will be the head chef in charge all the food and beverage during the whole CNY. Thousand of thank you appointed to her. The taste of the food was awesome but the most important things was all the family members from all over the countries can sit together to enjoy the wonderful moment. Who knows whether tomorrow, one year later, two years later, three years later we still can gather in the same place having dinner again. Strong relationship between the family members are the most precious gift from the god. Please appreciates your love one.

Praying section was on the way in the midnight. The prayer was a welcome party of the god of prosperity (cai shen). Hope that everyone making good money for the coming new year.
The bottom left dish given a name of Handful of Gold basically made by a pork knuckles mixing with Huat cai, mushroom, green beans and carrots. Oily porky knuckles was a great match with the topping sauces. Hope people who consumed it had a great win in some illegal betting throughout the CNY.

The above dish was this year special named Five happiness. Normally, you can try this food out in any of the chinese restaurant in Malaysia. This dish was formed from five different dishes (5 in 1 package). But this homemade Five happiness was highlight of the night.

All the praying items were fully prepared to welcome the God of Prosperity (GoP). Hopefully GoP will always standing beside us leading us to the way of prosperity.  "huat ah". Hope pay cheque will come in one by one. Gong xi Gong xi....

Fire crackers were lighted to scared the evil away. But the polis were on their way to your house.

Ready to welcome the god of prosperity. Cai Shen Dao

The Chai family representative were on their way.

The god had arrived. So how we know the God had arrived??? There were two pieces of wood that showed the presence of god. If the both of the wood were different direction that means the god had arrived.

Music please. There were a song called " Cai Shen Dao" were playing while the whole process was on the way. Here were some videos to let you know more about the tradition.

There were some meatless snack session after the prayer. Basically, the first day of CNY was a vegetarian day. So, no meat allowed and it was the only healthy day through the whole CNY.

I got a lot of AngPau (red packet)
Now I can think how I spend my angpau money. Woohoo!!!! here greeting you Happy chines new year.Woohooo....Gong xi gong xi.....

Friday, February 26, 2010

2010 god said

2010 God said. I had questioned the god about my future study this year. Too many cook spoil the soup was the answer. Taking too many other people advice will screw my future up. So, I must follow my own feeling in order to success this year. But some good advices were taken down to achieve my goal easier.

Quite matching with what was happening on me.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

fullhouse cafe

Fullhouse cafes were famous and popular among the youngster in KL. Nice decorating and interior designs had caught the attention of trendy youngster. Nowadays, theme restaurants were a trend in Malaysia. Lots of lots of  theme restaurant were set up in the town area to follow the trend and to make more money.

Fullhouse was one of the well-known theme restaurant. Yesterday, I paid a visit to the Jalan Yap Kwan Seng branch.

At first, I had a good overview of this restaurant with the nice interior build up. And the food for me wasn't bad. At least, they still have the standard that they should have. From order until the dish was served, everything was still ok. I was satisfied with that.

The soup that they provide were ok. The cream of mushroom was like the canned mushroom soup but the taster was way far better. The tomato soup was a bit too sour but still acceptable if you like to drink the spaghetti red sauce. Both of the soup were ok for me.

Chicken tenderlion serving with tomato sauce topping, mashed potato, two small carrot sticks, half of whole vege and some fried flour sticks. The whole plate charged about rm18.50. The food was not too bad as I think, because the tomato topping was perfect match with the chicken breast.

The problem came when the dessert was served. We ordered a dozen of dessert that we think the dessert served there was awesome but not as good as we thought. But we know theme cafe was not so good about the food. They did more works on their decoration and ID more than the food. So, it was acceptable. Until we left the last 3 pieces of cake, Sue and Teressa put something rotten into their mouth. "Sue, is this cake rotten?" said Teressa. I took the leftover near my nose to give it a smell. FML...weird smell all over my sinus nerve.

Without a second, we called up the waiter around us and told us this cake got problem. This was what the respond to us. "Sir, we will check about the cake you order see whether if there any problem with the cake you ordered, if there were any problem, your dessert free of charge la." We start to chit-chat again until we called the bill. There were no feedback to us at all after what the waiter told us. When I seek through the bill, I found out that they still charged my dessert. OK, I called the waiter again. How come you charge my dessert, the cake no problem izzit?  "Sir, one of our cake that contained in your dessert was rotten, but can't give you free unless all the cake got problem." said waiter.

An hour ago, you said that we will given foc for the dessert if the cake was rotten. Now saying that only one cake of the dessert was rotten, they can't give us foc. What the hell were you all talking? Let's put it be misunderstanding between customer and waiter. I had heard wrongly what the waiter said. I am not mean to requesting FOC stuff from you. What I need was the feedback from you. They don't even let us know what happen on our cake until I called my bill. They should told us early and a simple apologize will settle the problem. The should give me feedback as fast as they can not until the time that wanted to leave the cafe. If I don't ask what was happening to my cake, I bet they will just let it be. What kind of services you have? If this incident happened in mamak store, I can forgive but not in FULLHOUSE CAFE. You all were a well known cafe in the town and you all were charging 5% of services charge. And this kind of service I get. What's wrong with you? Later on, they offered me half dozen of free cake and I had refused to accept. Because my complain was not about money but was about your service. Service come first.

Aren't you tried to fool me again by giving me all 10 cents for change? What's wrong with you?  Or maybe I was too sensitive. In conclusion, your service was sucks.

No more YKS branch full house. FUCKED UP!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CNY trip to Batu Gajah

Since long time ago I said that I wanted to visit Batu Gajah. Batu Gajah was a small town near Ipoh take about approximately 20 minutes drive. During the CNY period, I was damn fucking free at my kampung - Taiping (will mention later). So, I decided to visit some of my friends at Batu gajah (BG). On board Ipoh - Taiping express to Medan Kit. Thanks for Hang parents for fetching my back to BG.

Here were some friends I met in BG

I had my dinner with Peixin family at Dong hoi Menglembu.
Had a great time at Dong Hoi because I whalloped a lot of food. Come on. Don't be shy eat more. The left bottom photo was peixin family. Very unfortunately, Elson wasn't able to attend the dinner. But later he gave me a call that tomorrow breakfast on him. Ok cool. Got free meal again. After the dinner we went Ipog again to fetch Lz from Kulim.

After everythings was settled, we were back home. Peixin and Lz went somewhere with her friends and I gotta hang out with Hang's friends. Hang decided to "dam yau" aka drive to Ipoh tong shui gai. This was the first time drive out to ipoh by his own and by not letting his parent know. People said Ipoh produce hot girls. Yeah the statement above was true. Many eye candies walking on street.

I got 2 new drivers at BG

Elson brought me to Menglembu again for food hunting. He feel very guilty because he wasn't able to attend the dinner with me yesterday night. The breakfast was on him.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ba gua (dry meat) like no need money

Chinese New Year was one of the most important days in the lunar calender. All the family members gather along to celebrate together. We great each other with some good word definitely not the word starting with "F" that I mentioned last post. A part from that, during the pre-CNY preparation, money was flowing out like tap water. Buy this buy that. All the goods seems like no need money like that. One of the most specific things that the chinese love to get some for chinese new year was the Ba Gua aka dried meat. For me is the same, grabbing a dozen packets of Ba Gua to visit friens and relatives.

This was what happened this afternoon. I was human jamming at the famous Ba Gua stall at Malaysia Wing Heong. Everyone was rushing for the final preparation just like what am I doing. It was a very very sunny hot afternoon, I wan queueing up outside Weng Heong under the sun waitng my turn to place my order for the ba gua. Fml!!! First time in my life queueing up for dry meat.

The crowd. In the photo what you saw just the people outside only. At first I thought only short queue ahead but after my queue reached the door only know there were many more people in front of me. Fuck my life again.

Here was the better picture to show you the crowd. People please don't go there during peak hour especially lunch time if not you will suffer under the sun. Do listen to my advise. Queue for order. Queue for payment. Many of them credit card wasn't working well delayed the cash holder. Thats why the queue for payment was quite long.

Unttil the owner pity us. Treating the queue some mineral water. At least some water to quench the thirst better than nothing right.


My turn to place my order. 9 packets slice please. Of course I am not the one going to sapu all. All there 9 packets are for my relatives one. Oh ya, tomorrow I am going back my hometown. My car will be full of ba gua.

New recipe bacon ba gua. Seems like this new recipe become the people favourites. I also manage to grab one before people finish off. These new things were few ringgit more expensive than the normal one.

Price had increased during the festive season.

9x600g = 5400g

Very obvious. The shop only can earn through their famous bagua not other CNY cookies. Too bad.

During the CNY festival, many pigs had slaughtered to celebrate. Their action was worth for us to pray for them. I wish they wouldn't become the victim for thier coming new life.

  1. A happy pig is living happily in a farm
  2. Before CNY, it was slaughtered by the farmer.
  3. It's body had sent to the factory to produce other stuff.
  4. Ba Guas were ready to consume
That's the life span of a pig.

Happy Chinese New year people, please care your diet, don't eat so many ba gua or you will put on some weight.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why "fuck" so frequently used??

Spliting out foul language become a trend in the modern society. Every singles sentence that a person blurted out contained the word "fuck". Do anyone can give me a correct definition of fuck? Fuck you, fucker, what the fuck, fucking and the recent fuck word fuck my life (fml) and fuck the world (ftw).

Based on wikipedia, "Fuck is an English word that is generally considered profane, that in its most literal meaning refers to the act of sexual intercourse. However, by extension it may be used to negatively characterize anything that can be dismissed, disdained, defiled, or destroyed, and it is due to the convergence of these two weighty concepts  that the term can carry such overloaded emphasis although it is frequently used as a mere intensifier.
(quoted from wiki)

Nowadays, the word fuck is no more only sexual intercourse. People around the world had turned the meaning upside down with different usage of the word "fuck".

Lets see how the people in Malaysia used the word fuck.

#1 Lets see what is in your mind when you saw this pic

A : macha, Megan was fucking hot wei!!!
B : Yala, she was fucking hot la!!!

From the above conversation, the word fuck appeared two times. Lets put it this way. Fuck + ing = fucking = very. Instead of using very people like to use fucking. Dunno since when, people started to change the word very into fucking. Is it to make the sentence nicer? Or to show your coolness. Fucking cun means damn nice. Fucking cool means damn cool. Fucking hot means very hot. People really loves to fucking around nowadays.

In a nutshell, fucking = very. Fuck word usage no.1

#2 Fucker.
Nowadays, teenagers don't like to call thier friends name in polite way. They loves to call their friend fucker.
A : Fucker, you had your dinner already.
B : Haven't la, fucker.
A : Fucking hungry wei.

A = Fucker = B = Everyone fucker
That means a lot of them in the world got the name fucker. Simply walk on the street also can find one fucker. Calling friends fucker doesn't mean that you are trying to insult him as a fucker. This is because you and your friends relationships were very close. If not you won't call him fucker. You try this on the street. Simply find one people in Pavillion la and call him fucker see what you get. Your eyes confirm will become blue black because people exert a punch on your face. Put it another way. When people call you fucker what would you do. You will laugh or get angry. So please do only call your best friend fucker not others.

#3 When you saw this

Two words to say. Who is this fuck face? You know fuck can also become adjectives. People ugly call people fuck face. The usage of fuck had increase once again (oxford haven't put this new adjectives into the dictionary no point go find).  During my college time, they used to say people fuck face when they have no good feeling to that person.

A : See see see...That fuck face do what?
B : Don't called people fuck face also fuck face what..

I think fuck face wasn't suitable for our daily life because it was too offensive. So, people cut down the phrase fuck face.

#4 Fuck off
People usually used fuck off when they are pissed off.
A : You playing like a noob hai leh.
B : You fuck off la..CBK...
In the olden days, people will say get out from my way. Now they made short and easy just " fuck off".

#5 When you screw up your exam

Fuck my life...

#6 The grand great phrase "what the fuck"

No life. what the fuck!?
Remember the video two girls one cup. Forget just go watch or search from wiki. You will remember what you watched last time. It was a video worth saying the godly three words what the fuck.

What the fuck, fuck my life and lastly

p/s : If you are the person that seldom said fuck, you are going to say so, just click and watch 2girl1cup, I had proved these point 1 minute before this post out. Someone first reaction was " FUCK"


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Batu Caves Pan Heong food review

When people talk about Batu Caves, normally they just knew that Batu Caves has only caves that the Hindu gather around during some big festival. Many of them don't know that there are some hidden famous food spot near the cave. Pan Heong restaurant famous among the food spot there by serving some nice and unique food. You know what. Every weekend, the crowd there was crazy. You need to take your number card and wait for your turn. Normally it takes at least 20 mins to reach your turn. Arghh!!! Can't wait to review the food to the rest of the world. Slurpppss!!!

This is the shop of Ban Heong of different angles. The restaurant not as luxury as 5 star hotels but the food are way in front of many high class dining area. The atmosphere there wasn't as good as you think. There was very very hot inside (I bet you will sweat like hell while eating) and the loud voice turn in and out your ear non stop (chinese restaurant is like that one). But only in this kind of atmosphere suitable for that kind of food.

Pan Heong was famous because of the porridge they served. Among the best was the "shang yu" porridge and silver prompet porridge. Nomally when we prepare porridge we only used the flesh without the bone. But in this place the what they do was just cut the whole fish into smaller pieces and cook with the porridge. Bone was cooked with the porridge too. I think this was a better wasy to cook fish porridge because the real taste of fish was preserved. And the most important factor that made the porridge awesome was the porridge was free from fishy smell. Thumb up for the porridge.

The conroe (taro pork) bihun (扣肉)was the must order food when you visit this shop. One of the highlight of the shop just like when you visit Penang you must get few box of "tou sha bing". The half mean half fat meats was awesome combination with the bihun. With some nice sauses mixing with the combination made the plate of bihun juicy enough.

You know what. Vegetables must always be on the dining table for healthy life style. Any vege will do. But I prefer "Yau Mak" cooked with "fu yu" (preserved taufu). Great combination!!!

Steamed prawn. The steamed prawn threre was awesome. Big prawn with roe steaming with some alcohol remain the natural taste of the prawn. The most imporatant things was the fresh seafood taste of the prawn had brought out by the alcohol. The flesh of the prawn was juicy and bouncy like eating jelly like that. The roe of the prawn was the highlight. Without the roe the prawn won't be so perfect. Not recommended for those who had high cholestrol.

"Nam Yu" fried chicken. Deep fried chicken mixing with nam yu was totally different from the ordinary fried chicken. The chicken was cripier nicer than the normal chicken provided that you love nam yu (sauce made using yam).

And the last yet the best. That was my favourite order here. Mamak Mee. Chinese style mamak mee was way nicer than the one you try at those mamak store. Yellowish mee stirring with vege, pork, egg, beancurd with some fried union sprinkled on top of the dish. I managed to whallop the whole big plate if I was foodless for a few days. Left and Right thumb up

Overall Rating : 8.5/10

address : No. 2, Jalan Medan Batu Caves 2,

              Medan Batu Caves, 68100 Batu Caves.

Operating hours : 8.00am to 3.30pm


Monday, February 8, 2010

Game for life

You know what I found out something about my 3GS. My applications had filled up 12 pages that means my storage of application had reached the maximum capacity. That means I cant download any application anymore unless I deleted some of it. Since I left my college the rate of downloading game became slower and slower. Because I am not so addicted to those i-game compare to all my friends. I am going to post out all game that they loved to play in these coming post.

#1 Tap Tap Revenge
I think most of the Iphone users dowloaded this game to their TTR was the all time top game in the application store. I wasn't pro in playing there kind of game. Always score low points in the game. TTR also offered online battle. Remember last time I joined a battle between 13 players and I managed to secure only 12th place which is the second place come from behind. But many of my friends did a good record for me when the playing around with my phone.

I suffering when playing this game. Even the medium stage I also having problem to card a high school. Maybe I am not born to play game.

#2 Egg Away
This was one of my popular game in my phone. Let me explained the concept of this game. What you need to do was to maintained the egg (don't let it drop) by moving the phone left and right (to control). One second equalvalent to one point.
Darn!!! Like that means your game was over. I managed to be the high scorer in this game but after a few days Hang had addicted to these game keep on breaking my record and achieved something that consider unbreakable recod for me. See the high score below the screen 163!!! Unbreakable for everyone.

#4 Paper Toss

Backflip studio presents Paper Toss.

During the college time, we loves to toss the paper to the dustbin from far away. See who can score goals like the way we played basketball. Now, app store had there popular game called paper toss.
You need to toss the paper into the bin to score point. The fan will made your toss become harder. Only consecutive success toss counted. That means if you made 10 toss in a row, you scored 10 points. My record was tossing 21 in a row (consider good ad). But somehow Lian Choon had done something unbelievable again. He made 202 successive toss in a row. What the hell, how he did it? We totally got no idea.

#5 Spot the difference
Spot the difference was the game that I played when I was shitting in the toilet. I found out that the waste product in my body will come out smoother when I am going on with this game.
Your turn to spot the difference. See how far you can go. There were five differences inside. Good luck!!!

#6 Monkey Pee
Shot accurately to score high point. This was Ivene favourite game. Everytime we study at Block E, she must have holding the phone and peeing around.
Rules and Regulation

Correct way
Please applied this on your daily life also. Aim properly.

Not encourage to do that.

#7 Finger Run
What you need to do was use your finer to run 1m on the screen. Shorted time will made into the record book.
Those record holders. Yong the pro. We had travelled a total distance of 461m with our fingers.

#8 Smack it
This game remembered me of Lz. She loved this game very much. She was addicted to it. She still the record holder for this game by not missing any hit yet.
Hit the monkey on the hole.

Top score

#9 Streetball
Everyone favourite.

Remember last time at Penang. My phone was ran out off battery because Cow was too addicted to the game. Even eating CKT also wanted to play with the game. Fuck. This game was sucking my baterry hard.

Sometimes I was quite pissed with those lite and free version game because everytime when you reached the climax of those games, you will told to purchase the game in order to continue. Thats fucking pissed off. So, I decided to jailbreak my Iphone. Anyone got any idea to jailbreak my Ipohne??