Wednesday, April 28, 2010

McDonald Double Dutch

Since McD came out with the super value McValue lunch time, McD had become the popular lunch among the people. Now, they had done a great job again, having double size for all those burgers except some cheap one. Everything go double up and so the price also double. You know la, price was always directly propotional to the size.

I was highly attracted by the McDouble promotion. Becaue why, last time when having McD one set wasn't enough to fill my huge stomach until i need to get some expensive and not worth eating McNugget to fill the leftover space. But now, McDouble had settle my problem. I can straight away having one set to settle my meal.

Here comes the fat increasing burger. When somethings started to double up, everything was started to double up too. The fat you gain will be double, the calories will be double up and the price will be double as well and too your weight. If you are on your diet plan, you are not recommanded to for this meal.

Lets introduce the improved product with a new packing made it a brand new burger that McD never had last time. Whole juicy chicken thigh spicy Mcdeluxe would be my first choice from the menu.

Make sure your mouth big enough to bite those burgers. You loss all your cool style when you having a bite on those giants.

Was still the same only with one more fillet.

I was drooling when taking the picture when I saw the cheese melting and flowing down from the two storey high burger. Used to be my McD meal when having McD during the diet plan.

Everyone favourites. Now even doubled up my desire to McChicken.

No comment on those well-known burger. Just go and get one for your supper now, if you are not on your dieting plan.

Go try this out now at your nearest McD outlet. You will find something different. Teach you all one style of eating. Tell your friend to order different burger from you. And you two can exchange the meat with each other. Now, you all can have two different taste only in one burger. Isn't it a good idea?

They made for us, we pay for them.

My stomach was bloated. I need some exercises also to get rid of my fats. Gym here I come!!! Yawning* Time to sign off. Good night world!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

Time flies in a blink of an eye. Yea. It was another Friday dinner night again for those Ampang Gang. We were gathered together at 9 pm but we had no idea about our meal. We just drove across the town to seek for food for our growling stomach. Until we saw these restaurant with some yellow design.

Normally, as a typical Malaysian we knew about Pizza Hut, Shakey Pizza and Domino's Pizza. How many of you all heard about Yellow Cab Pizza before. I guess even people heard about Yellow Cab pizza but they haven't try a bite of pizza produced by Yellow Cab.

I like their delivering bikes with whole yellow painted body with chequed black and white strips. It was very different from other pizza delivery bikes. A pizza huts bikes was a normal Kriss bikes with a container at the back.

The menu for the customers to choose their favourite. There were more choice if compare to the other Pizza Co. in Malaysia.

There was not any customer when I reached the place. Yellow Cab wasn't as common as those long estabilished pizza shop in Malaysia. If you ask someone for pizza most of them will blurt out PizzaHut or maybe Domino's pizza. So, we can understand why there were empty. Not because of their pizza wasn't delicious but was their name haven't stable yet in the market.

Here comes the great pizza.

The first one we ordered the BBQ Chicken flavour. OMFG!!! The taste damn nice. It was cheesy enough. They put a lot of chesse on the topping with some chicken tender all around the pizza. Onion was chosen to make the pizza taste great.

Are you craving for pizza now? Just visit Yellow Cab.

These one was the best one I think. I had forgotten the name of these pizza. If you would like to order one, just pick the most expensive one. Based on Joshua memory, he chose the most expensive one. Same as the above one, the cheese level was verh high with some beef as the topping. The pastry was thin and crunchy just like you having Pringles in your mouth.

You know if compare to Pizza Hut's pizza, Yellow Cab has the better one. First lets talk about the pastry. Pizza Hut pastry was thick and not crunchy. When you need time to chew. You will feel like you having a chewing gum in your mouth. And now the topping, pizza topping was damn important. You must have enough cheese in order to make great pizza. Pizza Hut topping was lacking of cheese but not the Yellow Cab.

SO, why not try out Yellow Cab now. A new brand doesn't mean no good and on the other way long estabilished doesn't mean that it will be good all the time. Sometimes we must change to get something better even in our daily lifes. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

That's how I treat those who can't attend dinner night!!!

For your information, every Friday was the Ampang gang dinner night. Since, now was the peak exam week, many of them can't attend the dinner. No fucking care. Exam also need to eat. I treat their case as putting aeroplane. Last Friday, only me joshua could made it. Both of us was bbqing at Nak Won and later we were straight down to Jawbreakers for L4D2.

Whne start playing and blood started to spill everywhere every corner of the monitor screen. And suddenly Josh's PC was restarted by its own. Oh my fucking god, we gotta start all over again. OK fine. Let's start again. Holyshit!!! Same things happened again. He was damn pissed off and he wanted to leave the cafe. And ended me sitting there shooting my own teammate.

Suddenly, something popped up in my mind. Why don't we treat those characters inside as the absent Ampang Gang members and shoot them 99 to chill ourselves out. Josh was spectating me while I was shooting them.

#1 Hoi Mei and Soya were knocked out.
After 2 minutes of keep on blasting the bullet on their body, they were now rest in piece. They two was actually quite easy to kill because they were weak even in the real world. Am I right Josh?

#2 Leek's ass got blew up.
Suppose we should play mahjong at his house instead of going out for dinner but he was on a vacation with his Inti coursemate. Bad excuse making people more dulan. We chose to blow his ass up with the machine gun. We took about 3 minutes only to blow his ass until the blood everywhere. But he was a great tanker, he was like invunerable to gun. Only done some damages on him. He was still strong stanidng there. But kesian the ass all blood damn wai.

#3 I shoot him He help me shoot the zombie behind me
I thought he was going to pull the trigger on me but actually he was aiming on the zombie behind. No fucking care. Keep on killing.

#4 Half dead
We can't manage to kill him in the end. He rather to open the safe door and run to the group of zombie and let them kill him. His fucking style. Must die with pride.

Hope after they see this post and attend coming Friday dinner night.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Nak Won Korean BBQ @ Little Korea Ampang

It was Friday night again = ampang gang dinner nights. As a Ampang long time resident, you should knew about Ampang had actually owned a very famous Korean Village opposite Ampang Point. Why do they called the place as Korean Village? This was because a lot of Korean staying there with a lot of Korean restaurant and grocery shop running in that area. To seek for the best Korean cuisine, Ampang Korean Village was the most ideal place to find for.

Opps. Before that, I should introduce the Ampang gang to the rest of the world. Basically Ampang Gang was formed by ex-Chong Hwa Independent High School schoolmate that stayed in Ampang.

Nothing much to talk about Ampang Gang. Lets talkd about the dinner that we had last Friday. There were too much of Korean restaurant in that area. In order to get the best of the best. You should try Nak Won Korean BBQ restaurant.

Kim chi was really not my cup of tea but you know what every korean meal they served Kim chi. I had not touched the Kim chi that they served that night. Even Joshua wasn't touching the Kimchi. But I saw other customer was enjoying having Kimchi before the main dishes were served. Different people got different types of taste bud. You cannot force someone who don't like to like it. The kerang remind me of the days I at Inti having meals with my fellow buddies at the Malay store. Since I left Inti, I wasn't taking Kerang. No exception on that night. Kerang wasn't touched by me and Joshua.

Like normally, there were many side dishes that a Korean restaurant served before having the main course. That was a tradition. You can't said no also. Once you sitted, the waiter started to bring out those weird weird small dish and put until the table cannot afford to stuff in one more plate. Among the small dish I only tried the marinated Ikan Bilis and the cold bean sprout. Other small dishes, I think they can keep it up for the next customer.

Here come the first main dish. Porky pork.
You need not to bbq by yourself. The waiter there will help you out to prepare the food. First, they will pour some oil around the hot plate and started to turn the onion around the plate to gain some onion taste. The smell was awesome when the pork place onto the hot plate. Sizzling sound will make your stomach drum rolling.

When the pork was ready.

This was how they ate the BBQ pork. Using a vege to wrap the bbq pork with some rice inside. The most expensive food that they sold in the restaurant was the rice. RM5 per bowl. Small bowl only. fuck.

BBQ chicken was ready to eat. I think the pork taste better.

Only two of the Ampang Gang members that attend this week dinner night because other were having their finals throughout the week. The night was continued at Jawbreakers for Left 4 Dead 2 and some funny things was done during the end of the game. I will post out in next post. Stay tuned.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Farmland Steamboat

Usually Friday nights were the Ampang Gang dinner night. This week Josh was craving for steamboat. It was hard to find a steamboat restaurant near Ampang area except the fucked up one at WaterFront. After more than one hour waiting for Mei, we braced the traffic all the way to Jalan Pudu for steamboat.

We found Farmland Steamboat for our dinner.

After doing some bulky orders, we were now waiting for for the feast to be served.

Some neccessities for steamboat. Long needle mushrooms, crabsticks, eggs, button mushroom, seafood beancurd and dumplings. The carbsticks and the seafood beancurds were the favourite among the food to be boiled. But for the best was the dumplings. One plate was enough for three of us.

Thin sliced pork was one of my favourite. The meat was tender enough while boiling in the sour hot tomyam soup. I finished the whole plate because Josh and Mei weren't pork lover.

Chicken meats were also settled by me in the end of the feast. They called me Bandaraya for whalloping all those remaining food.

Josh favourites mutton until he managed to finish the whole plate by herself. Mutton was not really my cup of tea and I didn't eat much. Mei was complaining the mutton had too strong milk taste. The lady fingers were old and hard but after boling in the soup it become softer and just nice to be consume. When you bite the fingers, the soup that sucked inside while boiling flowing back into your mouth will makes the taste better than ever.

Just normal eggs. Initially we planned to have one person per egg but Josh whalloped all in the end.

Waiting the soup to boil was the toughest part during the steamboat meal because you was too hungry to wait for the soup and the ingredient to be boil. You will suffer I am sure.

Finally the tomyam soup had boiled with the ingredient. The smell of Tomyam making your saliva overflowing. Still wait for what. It was time for dinner.

I was forced to finish all the button mushrooms because no one like it except me. There were 12 button mushrooms playing around inside my stomach. Ouch.

When I settle my bills, I flashed my debit cards for the bills because we had insufficent money to settle the bill. Actually, we never expect that outcome bill will be so expeneive we predicted about rm80 for the whole meal but the bill came out at rm130. Fml. The machine had rejected the card not because of my card problem. That was the machine malfunctioning. I was forced to walk down the Atm kioks nearby to grab some cash to settle the bill. We nearly had to wash dishes at the back alley because we weren't able to pay for the exhorbitant bill. I don't mind walking down the street to seek for Atm because my stomach was bloated I need some excersice to cooldown.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For me everyday is April fool

April fool was a day full of pranking. Your friend (best friend) will set up a lot of trap to let you fall in. You better be careful. Don't ever trust your best friend on that day. What they told you just believe 20% enough already, another 80% should be some pranking stuff.

For me, eveyday was like april fool. Dumbass was living in a world full of lie. There were no such world called honesty in our dictionary. Pranking was our favourite during the college time. Jason was the one who always kena prank because he was easily believe what we all said. His clothes was always stolen during shower and shouting "fuck my life gimme back".

I found this out at Yong's blog. And remind me a prank that my friend done for me.

This happened on the 14th February 2009 was a day with loves. Ya true, that's valentine day. For us, Valentine day was as usual we still need to attend classes no exception maybe some of them skipped their class and go out with fun with their fiancee. I was pass out yesterday night at the Euphoria and I skipped some of the class in the morning and I attended the econ class in the evening. As usual jokes and laughter were surrounding the classroom. Suddenly, a girl knocked the door and she came in to look for a handsome guy called "Eddy". No way!!! There was chick finding me during valentines day during the class. I went out and talked to girl.

Actually, the girl was just a runner to deliver a bouquet for me from a girl (I appointed her as Mr Alpha here). Ms Alpha was a girl they said I would have a huge chance to crush on her. I just accept the bouquet and went back into the class with loud applause from those dumbass. I was start shwoing off my bouquet to the dumbass teasing them they have no chance to receive any bouquet in their entire life (of course joking la). I am just like on the top of the world. I would rated it as a best valentine day ever in my life.

Somehow, my macha econ lecturer had done a analyst on the subject of "Eddy receive flower on valentine day.

Case 1 : He bought himself a bouquet and call people to send him

Case 2 : His male friends bought him this bouquet and sent it to him.

Case 3 : This case can be ignored because this won't happen. A girl sent him a bouquet

Everyone was laughing on his interpretion about my case.

Suddenly, the door knocked again. This time was a boy walked in. WTF!?? Finding me again. He said Ms Beta was sending me this bouquet. Beta was a girl I always talk about but I got no balls to talk to her. How could her sending me present during valentine. I looked at the bouquet on my table and look at those dumbass. Wtf!?? That was a prank. I asked them whether they bought the bouquet for a prank and hoping the answer "No". But the outsome was "YES". Fuck my life. My feeling was dropping from a mountain to the underneath of the sea. Thats hurt man. I was on fire on that moment and they knew the prank was too over. And silence between me and those dumbass for a few days.

Prank #2

This happened on the October last year. I was still under my blanket instead of attending Economic class. My phone rang and someone known as Sarjan Akmal calling from Headquater of PDRM (Polis Diraja Malaysia).

Me : Hello siapa ni?
Sr : Ni sarjan akmal panggil dari PDRM. Nombor saya 432388
Me : apahal ni?
Sr : anda ada 3 saman belum bayar tau?
Me: har? Betul ke?
Sr : Ya. Dan mesti bayar hari ni tau. Kalau tidak, kami akan datang ke rumah tangkap
Me : har? (feeling scare)
Sr : 3 saman ni jumlah 600. kena jelas hari ni juga.
Me : Mana saya kena saman ni? Bila?
Sr : Semua kat KLIA highway. Pada 30 February, 31 april, 6 jun.(stupid me)
Me : oh. ok la. Bayar kat mana ini? Nilai police station bolehkan?
Sr : Tapi mesti mau jelas hari ni. Mau tauhu berapa speed kame tak?
Me : ok berapa?
Sr : 180KM/H
Me : Mana mungkin. Kereta saya tak mungkin bawas ni cepat.
Sr : Yakah. Kamu bukan pandu Mercedes ke?
Me : mana ada la bang?
Sr : yakah?
Me : yala. Saya ni orang miskin mana ada wang beli mercedes.
Sr : oh. Mungkin say buat salah.
Me : Mungkin: (relieving)
Sr : Apa top speed kamu ni?
Me : 160km/h.
Sr : ah, salah juga. Mana boleh bawa cepat sangat. Bahaya tau.
Me : Sorry la boss.
Sr : Jangan bawa cepat tau nanti kena saman pulak.
Me : Ok ok. tau tau.
Sr : Ada satu kesalahan lagi. Kenapa tak datang econ class. (econ lecturer voice)
Me : zzzz. WTF LAAAAA!!!!
Sr : eddywhat happened to you never come class
Me : Sir, why la, why la you pranked me.
Sr : This was your friends idea not mine I just follow only.

I was speechless and I couldn't get back into my sleep again. And my friends laughing me again throughout the dinner. I was lie so embarrassing. WTF.

My godness.