Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Not a so perfect Chinese New Year

One thing bad about studying abroad is you can't really have a great time with your family during festive season. I had went through my very first time celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY) without celebrating with my family. I do celebrating CNY here in England but yet there seems like something still missing from my CNY celebration. Yeah, I am without my family this year. That's why I coming out with a blog title called "Not a so perfect Chinese New Year".

I decided to take 3 hours journey of train to attend an CNY party threw by a bunch of friends in Manchester called " Steamboat and Chicken Wings" event. Steamboat always be the first choice of celebrating festive season. We actually had one during the christmas eve earlier. 

Thats what we had for steamboat. Fish fillet, fined sliced beef, chicken tender, pork slices, bacon, mushroom, squid, mussels and some vegetables. That's a typical reunion dinner during Chinese New Year.

Li Yen and Delson posing with the food.

Boon Hui a true Manchester United fans. You can actually know he was a die hard to MU by looking at his attire MUFC. You don't want to mess with him.

Delson. I used to stay in his room during my visit to Manchester. He was like using the chopsticks to dig "mine".

This is Chian and Jocelyn.

Illegal betting is always been legalized during Chinese New Year. At first, I planned to earn some cash for the coming up disneyland trip. But the result really turn out bad. I had made a net loss of 30 pounds. I am not having a good year ahead for gaming. I should not bet until the next CNY.

A few game of "Chor Dai Di" just for a warm up. I just found out that Jocelyn really good in "Chor Dai Di". By the way, she love to bet so much and she had a new name now "betting queen" .

Get ready. Louis was calling on "Siam Ban Lak". SBL is a northern betting game in Malaysia. The rules is more or same with the casino baccarat. As long as the point on your card is bigger than the banker then you are winning. Basically, you get two cards from the banker. If the sum of both card is greater than 8&9 then you won't need to take additional cards (you already have 90% chances of winning money). Lets said if your cards are less than three then you need to draw a card from the remaining deck.If you got 2 same shapes and 2 same numbers and your cards is bigger than the banker then you will double your winning.

Minimum buy in 5 pounds. 
  2. BLUE CHIPS = 50P
  3. GREEN CHIPS = 20P
  4. WHITE CHIPS = 10P

People said when you are betting, you will automatically reveal your inner personality and it's show on your face.

Face 1.

That's what we called the face of acting during gambling. Boon Hui turn out to be a silent killer that night. And he was the only winner that night.

Face 2

Cunning face by Jocelyn. I guess she got a nice hand with her. 

Face 3
Serious face by Delson. He looked more serious in gambling than doing his assignment. He turned out to be the biggest loser of the night. He loss 15 pounds.

Win or lose is not that important in the gambling. The most important part is we really had fun. We make fun of each other, fooling around and of course laughter covered the whole house.

After the time and cash consuming activity, we had a small fireworks session. Louis got us some "dik dik gam". 

We were like small kids. Yelling and laughing outside.

We got no angpau, no CNY cookies but we had fun. Not a so sad Chinese New Year. It's just not a perfect one. Happy Chinese New Year friends in Malaysia. I knew I am late to wish you guys.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today was a fairytale

Not much to mention about the Valentine's days. Just dropped by here just to wish every peeps in the world Happy Valentine's Day. I had a date with statistic tonight just a million thanks to my lecturer having the assignment due date one day after Valentine's day. So, I am not going to be lonely tonight at least I focus my mind on my statistic task which make me to forget about what is happening on today. 

"I Love You" the code of Valentine's day. So, to show my respect to this glorious day. I decided to put on my only "I LOVE" t shirt in my wardrobe.

 We do love Valentine's day as well.

If people out there asked me about my closest relationship.
Hell no. I will answer them "My closest relationship is with my iphone 4."

Thank god it's vibrating now. Received some facebook updates from some friends about their Valentine's day special. And of course some wishes from those gayboy and single ladies.

Valentine's day = money matter
Rose = money
Chocolate = money
Soft toys = money
Fine Dining = money

If you got the money and no one to spend with it. You can try this out. Spend a cheap bouquet to your dude to set him up. I mean a prank to fill up your lonely valentine.

I flashed back quite a lot when looking at this cute little bouquet that my dude set me up during Valentine's day. I considered it a crazy prank. It really works. Try this out.

"True love is like ghosts, which everybody talks about and few have seen."

Monday, February 14, 2011

Pre Departure

Yes! Finally, I am now free again to do some update on my blog. The last post was like 6 months ago. Actually I thought of stopping blogging but my thought failed because I had too many things to blog about my life in England. I can't consider the life here were wonderful because sometimes school life may be quite dull but things always gone wild and fun during weekends and of course my very first winter break.

Well. I am now stepping on the land of British since 18th September 2010. The date of 2010 reminds me to wish you guys Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Starting a new page of my life in a new place were a great experience and challenge to me. First, I am going to be alone in overseas for a few years with only go home once a year. Homesick always popped out in my mind when I looked at my family photo on my study desk. Remember the first day I arrived, my tears were really rolling down from my face when I unloaded my trunks. That was a really good experience to me and I had a step close to become a tough man. Friends are of course the remedy to cure your homesick.

Well. Let's stop the emotional words and go on with some interesting stuff with looking on some of my days in England.

Having some Hoegaarden chill out session with a few best friend before I departure for England. Normally a man will at least having one pint of beer instead of having a half pint of beer. And one of my pussy friend Mr Man Yao had made a pussy move by ordering half pint of Hoegaarden. Later on, Cow one of my best mate in Malaysia had wrote a caption for this photo in facebook. The beer had ordered according to the cock size. You know what I meant. Man Yao you such a pussy guy!

That was my not so heavy trunks to check in. Look at the nescafe on top of the luggage. Some necessities that you hardly can get it in England. Even if you find some, you still can't find the Malaysian taste. I need it for assignment and be the remedies for burning the midnight oil as well.

Yeah. At last Swan had met her all time idol Koo Kien Keat (a Malaysian Badminton superstar). That was her dream to catch him up for a photo. And now I had fulfilled her dream coincidentally. That's a picture few hours before I left Malaysia. Let's talk about how we met him. We were sitting outside the Mcdonald near the departing escalator. And suddenly one of my friend shouted Lee Chong Wei. Yeah cool. Mr Lee just passed beside me and I missed a photo session with Dato Lee. Swan said maybe we will meet Mr Koo as well. And yes, Mr Koo walking towards us and  don't want to miss the opportunity to take photo with him.

I am boarding the MH002 and ready to leave. ByeBye Malaysia and see you guys in one year time. I will be back.