Thursday, August 12, 2010

German Deli Imbiss @ Petronas Ampang Jaya

I hardly forgotten the last time I updated my blog. It was around 2 weeks ago. I was so busy nowadays because of  applying the visa to England. It was really terrible experience for me during the whole process until today I had my mood back on track to blog.

Let's back to the topic of the day. Ya! It is about food again. This time is some German Cuisine that I craving for all the time.

German Deli Imbiss was a fastfood restaurant that located in the Petronas in Ampang. For your knowledge, it is opposite the Kuala Lumpur International School. Actually why I always craving for the German food so much?? Because I really love to drink those German beers that really cost high in Malaysia.

Outside of the restaurant.

Inside of the restaurant.

I found out that this German restaurant actually doesn't serve beer (very dissapointed). They only served root beer for the customer. Fine!!! I had ordered a liter of root beer to chill myself out. And I ended up not finishing the whole jug of root beer.

The jug was heavy until I thought I was in the gym room lifting a dumbell.

A fucked up chicken burger. The chicken looks delicious but just taste so so only. It was not a whole chicken thigh. It was just a pieces of chicken patty. When you had your fisrt bite on it, you will feel like you are having a big pieces of chicken flavoured fishcake. You feel very full just after you finish half of the burger. You aren't physically full but you are just mentally full.

Luckily they served it with some mustard. It will be some addition of point.

Here come the 16 inches Jawbreakers. Don't try it unless you got a huge stomach to digest it.

It was really long. I am shy when I saw this Jumbo cock dog.

It served with some colourful vegetables and some unknown sauce. And the thickness of the dog might scare your cock away.

They should be proud of their fries. Way better than McD.

UWHH!!! Having difficulty to suck the cock dog!!!