Monday, November 30, 2009

Gurney Dinner

I had went to Penang last weekend for a vacation with the Dumbass. This vacation was to explore all the famous and delicious food in Penang. Some cash are ready to spend for the food. And our first stop the Gurney Drive.


Cutter fish with spinach mixing with some rojak sauce. The cutter fish was chewy enough and it was a perfect match with the spinach. I wonder how they figure it out!!! It was my favourite dishes of the night!!!


Pasembur actually is a type of Indian rojak or we can called it Malaysian Indian Salad. It usually made up of some shredded cucumber, bean curd, fried prawn, hard boiled eggs and fried crab mixing with some sweet and spciy sauce with some smashed nuts up there. This wasn't my favourite because I don't like the taste very much but Jason was enjoy eating the Pasembur. Of course he was the one who ordered then rm22.50 Pasembur without our permission. Anyway, Pasembur was not that bad.


Here come the highlight of the day "OO JIAN" known as the fried oyster with egg. People said if you never tried this when you visiting Penang that means you cannot consider you completed the journey. We actually ordered this food every dinner, every lunch and we found out that you can only enjoy the best OO JIAN in Gurney Drive.


Boiled Kerang the favourite among the Dumbass. There are some cock and bull story told by my friend (Hang) that sounds like not making sense but supporting with lots and lots evidences. We were talking about the Kerang for the whole journey of Penang. Hang stopped the craps please.

Mua Chi!!! Actually I had never tried this before in KL. I don't even know what was that. They said that Mua Chi at Penang were best in Malaysia. I don't know whether this is another cock and bull story or real facts because the Dumbass always like to talk cock. Actually Mua Chi is a type of Kuih Muih (Bahasa Malayu) that very soft and sticky that covered by some smashed nuts and sugar. It is tasty snack but doesn't guarantee to fill your stomach.

p/s: Lots of food post coming up stay tune to I MAKE YOU HUNGRY.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The End

I had finished my last paper last Friday, it's showing that there was the end of my career (A level) in Inti-UC. After signing up the form of leaving college, now I am officially not an inti student, got no other chances to log in Inti online again to view my coursework, can't go in the library anymore (but can sneak in larr).

I08001277 had become a part of the history at inti. Take last glance at my complete ID card, because the librarian will cut my ID (don't know how she cut it). Luckily she just cut a small pieces on left top side. Most of the Inti student fully utilised this card to enter the library. However, I am not the one that using this ID card to enter the library but using it for the cyber cafe (Surf and Play). I used to be a regular customer of Surf and Play but not the library. I seriously missing the time we playing Dota.

Me and Elson get ourselves ready for the party at Poppy late night. Let's get the party started for the last time together. Camwhoring in the toilet!!!
If there are people asked me what I had achieved during the time I spent in inti. I am fucking sure I will answered : " I achieved nothing other than knowing the above fellow in the photo!!! "
They were awesome. They made my life in inti. No doubt!!! My life would sucks without you all.

p/s: I am sure we would meet each other again in the future. Lets have fun then.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Blue I School

You know many of them said that geek didn't like clubbing very much. They prefer dating with their books than meeting some hot chicks in the club. In order to break this traditions, the board of director of The Mist had organized an event called Blue I School that encouraged some nerdy and geeky student to the club. The theme of the night was like backing to the schooling days and the most of the important things was everyone must had their glasses on their face.

I was camwhoring with Chin in the toilet. Our nerdy face with the geeky specs posing in the toilet.

Harpreet in the house

Eddy Rudan Shiva Viknesh!!!

And lastly the a group photo that snapped in front of the Mist.

Too lazy to blog recently. I miss my friends in inti.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

thats so hot!!!

You know what 6 pairs of testical putting together can made anything happened. This was what we happened last week "Spicy Eating Competition" at Deli Cafe. This competition were held by the Dumbass group and can only be participated by all those Dumbass. FML!!! 7 o'clock sharp we all gathered at Deli cafe for the deathliest competition.

A lot of ice tea ordered to cure the spicyness left on your tongue. Average about 3 glass per participant.

Here come the deathliest Ma la Pan Mian ( Super Spicy Pan Mee). I bet you can feel the spicyness even you look at the photo. FML!!!

Get your ass ready for it!!!

Rules and regulation:
  • Every participant was ordered to finish the whole bowl of mee.
  • Soup. Mee and every single ingredient also must be finished.
  • Fastest win the game, slowest lose the game.
  • Slowest one will needed to pay for 6 bowl of Pan Mee.

Of course Eddy aka Kumfye from had won the game by burying his opponent way back behind.

Finally, the gave up after I finished the whole bowl of Mee. They can't stand with the spicyness.
And they evenly share out the 6 bowl of pan mee. That were what the dumbasses did when they feel free. Don't follow what they did, because we cannot judge them with normal ruler.

oh ya!!! We got video too!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

What a day!!!

Going midvalley actually is a very common and easy case. What I need to do is just get in my car and stepped on the accelerator and after half an hour I was at the car park. But this time was different, I was going there by bus and KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu). Fml, it was a good experience also. First, we walked from block E to the bus stop and waited for the Airport Liner to carried us to the KTM station under a killing hot sun. After nearly an hour of KTM ride, at last we reached our destination Midvalley.

As I am rare customer of KTM, so some photo had snapped for rememberance.


With Elson. This is a kinda gayshit photo as I put my hand nearly on his private part.

Hang was sitting there with his so called "wife" QiQi. And they smiling for photo of course. Li Zhuang was too tired until she laid on Ivene shoulder enjoying the journey.

The sweet couple.

Thats all for the KTM part.
Upcoming part was the lunch break part. Everyone stomach was growling loudly. Fml, everyone was starving, complaining that they need food immediately. After round and round and round for some time, we decided to have our lunch at ROOM EIGHTEEN.

Some girls are posing in the restaurant.

Cheer up la Hang. See Qiqi so happy sitting with you, but your face so sour man.FML!!!

Ivene was there enjoying his lucnh without realise that I already captured her photo when she try to stuff as much mee as she can into her mouth. Eat slowly la!! See the way Ashley eat. Slow and steady!!!

Taiko don't fucking care. Eat more important. FML!!!

Eddy mind your body language please!!!

And this photo really show how to light bulb worked. No no no, we shouldn't call that light bulb, we should called that fucking SPORT LIGHT!!!!

As I realised Liam choon face was the same in any of the photo.

The girls were camwhoring.
After the lunch, the girls requested to shop. Ladies really love shopping. They can shop the whole day without stopping for break. Salute!!!

And here comes the arcade time!!!
drum challenge between qiqi and weeyi


Everytime I helped Pei Xin to snap photo, she always request another one. She always not satisfied with the photo. Come on!! Please trust my skill!!!
Acting again!!!


I rated this for the photo of the day. He was cool with the hand gun. He had actually changed his facial expression. FML!!!

Once again, she requested me to resnap the photo..swt!!

That's the end of the day. Our day end with a fucking boring movie and actually i slept after the movie ran 20 minutes.
Ending my post with a video that recorded for the purpose of memory.

p/s: 2 more days to leave inti...take care my friends...