Monday, December 28, 2009

Xmas buffet @ Tenji

After a tiring trip back from Genting, I were rushing to KL Soho for my xmas buffet dinner with all my family members. Tenji was my choice instead of going Jogoya because I had never try Tenji before. Now , I found out that Jogoya was better than Tenji (Based on my own opinion) . When i reached that place, there were full of people. Luckily, mom made reservation one month before the dinner.

Straight away I rush to the food kiosk for my food after the pretty waitress led me to my table. The first things I did was walk around Tenji to check out which food should I start with. After some time, I decided to start my dinner with some fruits followed with some fresh oyster mixing with some tabassco and squeezed lime juice. After wallop four oyster, time for some shashimi. I got fresh salmon, tuna and abalone. Sushi, my pesonal favourite, of course is a must food for me when I attend a buffet dinner.

DIY steamboat with miso soup. What you need to DIY??? First, you need to pick your steamboat ingredient from the food kiosk. There some main steamboat infredient provided like crab stick, prawn, crab, vegetables, etc. The chef wroking on kiosk will hellp you to fill your pot with some soup. You can choose tomyam, miso, pumpkin or curry. Put the pot on the stove provided on the table and the nearby waiter will help you light up the stove. Then you can start enjoying your DIY steamboat.

Free flow of sushi of course making my stomach bloating. I keep on stuffing sushi into my mouth, as many as I can. Until now I got a bit phobia of sushi. Please don't eat sushi excessively because it may cause you hate sushi for quite some times.

There were one things that Jogoya didn't have. That was the free flow of Carlsberg by Tenji. You can drink as much as you can until you drunk if you dining at Tenji. There beer were non stop keep refilling. If you are a good drinker, Tenji is the best place for you to have your dinner. For me, I didn't  touch any beer that night. Because beer gas will fill my stomach instead of food. If drinking too much beer will cause you felt full to swallow some more food again. I did get some beer from the counter but not myself were for my underage cousins and brothers. They were too young to get beer from counter and they are underage drinker too. FML!!! Why teenagers like beer lah?

Steam prawn with garlic

This was the favourite part when I having my buffet dinner - the dessert bar. Lots of cakes were ready for you to eat. Until you don't know what to take. Rambang mata we called in Malay.

Tempura fried prawns. Don;t know why the plate that filling tempura prawns was empty when I wanted to take some for my dinner. Even at Jogoya there was same things happened. I guess Malaysian people love tempura prawns very much. Thats why the demand is more than supply. Scarcity of tempura prawns always happened in a buffet dinner.

I am a dessert lover.

After the dinner.

I was busying working out everyday to burn my calories that I consumed that night. Meery Xmas people.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tang Yuan during Dong Zhi

As a Chinese, you must know the red letter day dropped on 22nd of December every year, Tong Zhi festival. Tong Zhi actually means that the winter was going to end soon. Why the Chinese were celebrating the festival, what so great about it???? According to the ancestors, we were celebrating it because the end of winter indicating the the spring was ahead. The farmers were able to back to their farm and working hard again, keep on producing food for the people again. That's why they were celebrating the festival. During the festival a special food must be eaten on that day called Tang Yuan.

The colourful Tang Yuan was my personal favourite during the festival. I enjoying eating it very much because of it's sweetness and the chewiness. During my younger age, my grandma used to tell me that eating Tang Yuan indicating we are one year older. They are some kind of story saying that we should chew the balls, we must swallow the whole things. Of course, I never follow what they talking cock. If not I won't sitting here posting this post but choking to death during my younger age.

The night before the festival, all the family members are gathering around the table and together preparing Tang Yuan for the next day. For my family was also doing the same things. This year was abit different from last year, some other relatives from far away were in my house celebrating together and preparing together. It was quite fun and happy actually.

Everyone was busying doing the their stuff. Our hands were kept on moving, rolling those things into small small balls with colouring on it. I were busying taking photos got the coworkers that working OT for the night.

The mother and son combination lessen our work. Bryan, my 5 years old nephew was  his first time doing Tang Yuan. He was a quick learner. He learnt all those things in just a while and mastered it well. He was working hard instead of playing with my iphone. He had played for few days with my iphone.



These where our master piece of work after buying for the whole night. Red and green Tang Yuan were ready to cook. The green one were made of pandan juice, while the red one were made of some red artificial colouring. And also we have the white one, the original colour.

Mom boiled the balls with some sugar water mixing with some pandan leaf to make it taste better. The balls were really nice to see and better to have it in your stomach.

Enjoyed your Tang Yuan and happy dong zhi festival

Thursday, December 17, 2009

you don't have to face the fear alone

In this few days, I was busying with my brother not doing any homework or revison but sitting in front of the TV day and night only to beat the game of Resident Evil 5. We two are going to save the world in the game. For the first time, Capcom had introduced join forces with friends control the two main characters together and fight fear together.  You don't haven to face the fear alone.

It was stated there the game was horror but actually wasn't too horro as I think. What you need to do was just attacked all the magini (viral infected mutanted human) that harrased you in the game beat all the bosses up and reach the antagonist main character Albert Wekser for final showdown. We need to stop him to spread the virus to the entire world to control all the human or to be a god of all human mankind.

Me and brother had spent three days to beat the game. Lots of lots of lots of obstacle we met in the game and we still manage to beat those things by reffering the guide provided online. The game was challenging. For examples. you need to solve some puzzle in the temples to get out from there and our weapons weren't enough to beat the bosses even after some upgrades. What we need to do is teamwork and strategy. Someome must need to lure the enemy and the other one must plan bomb or damaged the enemy from long range with pin point accuracy shot. And the most headwired things was the ammo was insufficient for those Majini. What you need to go was run out of the hell as soon as possible. Fml!!!

Chris Redfield the main character of the story was sent by the BSAA to Africa to investigate the function of Tricell and Umbrella. My brother was controlling him in the game wiesly playing with those weapon were the main factors of beating th game. He was good in playing in those game because he was born to play game. He played the role of attacker in game by carrying some highly firepower shotgun and rifle loading with lots of bullet bringing all the enemy down one by one.

Sheva Alomar partner of the Chris Redfield. She was helping Chris through the whole journey until the end. I was playing her in the game, just because she was cool, awesome and hot. I wasn't good in shooting so I just carry some machine gun and hand guns for self-protection and the most important task of mine were healing my partner and luring the enemies so that my partner can shoot it down easily.

No team work. no glory. Lets save the world now by purchasing Resident Evil 5 from the outlet nearby your house. It costs about RM200 per disc.

Happy Playing...stay tuned

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Childhood memories - capsule station

Remember during the olden days, when I got to the grocery shop near my house, I was sure to cry for a capsule ball from the capsule station. Mom of course will give me 1 ringgit for the capsules. Mystery gifts were containing in the capsule which was attracting some small kids. What you need to do is just pur the coin in to the capsule station, turn the switch 720 degree and a capsule will drop out from the station. And you canc claim your mystery gift inside. Sometimes you can get some cool toys, but sometimes you will obtain some toys that you dislike (pulling mummy t-shirt for another turn again).

Last weekend, I went shopping with my family again. I loitering around 1U and I found this in front of Toys' R ' Us. It woke my childhood memories up again, I having an idea turning the capsule station again. Anf of course I saw the mystery gift was the favourite comic characters during my younger age, Dragonball.  I found out that normal coins do not for the machines. So, I changed some coins from the counter and start tuening the switch. 1 coin cost RM 4 and I changed around 5 that cost my Rm20. FML!!! I spent rm20 for capsule station, not good to let my mom knew that his son was wasting money again.

The first ball came out with a GOKU (Son Goku - Dragonball main character). The gift wasn't my targeted one but I still ok with it. I targeted a Super Saiyan 3 GOKU.

Second ball came out with a combo of Goku, Gohan and GoTrunks. The tow balls above costed me rm20. FML!!! I gotto cut my two balls of already to seel for rm20.

Ready to get some work done with my new capsule toys. Fix them up!!!

And lastly they were fixed and now they were staying at my brother toy's chest for their rest of their life.

Stay tuned

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


First of all, thousands of congratulation to my dear ex-school CHONG HWA INDEPENDENT HIGH SCHOOL (CHKL) had reached a milestone of 90 years old. It had served this country for nearly a century and producing a lot of good and highly educated students including me of course. It was not easy to maintain a school without the goverment support and thousands of thank you again to those who supported CHKL for past 90 years. Hope the school woll continue the good job for the following years.

This was a top view of CHKL. Located at Jalan St. Thomas, Off Jalan Ipoh, KL.

To celebrate the grand anniversary of the school, the board of director had a great plan to held a grand dinner at the school. Why was it called a grand dinner? This was because about ten thousand people will be attending the dinner with purchasing a ticket for RM50 and the money will be donated to the school improvement fund. As an alumni of the CHKL, of course I will give some support to the event of the year with action, purchased tickets for the charity. Actually, I wasn't planning to attend this event, but last minute plan again. Thanks to Teressa again, rang me up for the dinner. Of course the same things happened, I was late again. Picked her up sharp at 6 pm and heading towards the school.

When we reached the school, it was so packed. The guest coming in were more than the students studying in CHKL. It was awesome. The teachers and staffs were busying for the day, walking here and there, helping some parents to find their table and ushering the VIP to the grand hall. The red polo tee was a teacher on duty on that day. She was the BM teacher during my fourth year in the school.

See the crowd. CHKL had become the the busiest place of Jalan Ipoh for the day even it was a holiday.

Actually. the dinner named as 万人宴 in chinese, means that 10k people feast. Of course CHKL got enough space for the 10k crowd. 7 basketball court, 4 volleyball court, the hostel canteen, the parking area, the grand hall (VIP) , every compund of the school was occupying by tables and chairs covering with tends.

Projector and ampifire was everywhere to let the whole school compund what was happened in the grand hall. Let them watch the love performance through the projector and hear the specch by the VIP.

The menu of the night
  1. The Five Happiness
  2. Crab and sharkfin soup
  3. Prosperity chicken (not mcd one)
  4. Thai style fried fish (sek nad)
  5. BBQ pork knuckle (I thought halal one, Lmao)
  6. Boiled Ming prawn
  7. Ikan Bilis fried rice
  8. Longan Ice (dessert)

You can get those progamme of the day by viewing this handbook. I regret that I never stole one for rememberance.

And the highlight of the day was, I met her. She was one of my closest friend during my high school days. We had not meet up for a very very very long time. She was very very very busy with her assignment, until I feel guilty to call her out to have a cup of tea and chit-chat. Thanks for accompanying me the whole night, if not I will feel freaking boring through the night.

You know why our prime minister Najib photo was hung on the main blokc of the school. Because CHKL was proud to invite our beloved PM for the grand dinner. Of course they are serving halal food for the VVIP. I got no chance to shot a photo of our PM, because I wasn't a VIP that night. I think cash is the only way to make you into the the VIP area, because most of them sitting inside were donating more than don't know how many thousands Malaysia Ringgit. I just earn a chance of sitting far far far away from Najib (PM was sitting in the grand hall and I was sitting on the edge of the school next to the KTM railway off the fence) by paying just RM50.

Hope to attending the feast again in the coming anniversary and I will be sure that I am sitting the table beside Najib (if he still leading Malaysia) and take photo with him.
stay tuned!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Seeking my twelfth angel

I wasn't blogging for the few days, because I was busying finding my twelfth angel in a book called The Twelfth Angel. For your knowledge, I am not a bookworm actually. Reading of course is not my cup of tea. I can't even read 3 pages before I fall asleep but for this time I had spent 2 days to finish the whole book (222 pages). Remember the last time I finished the whole book was the whole series of Harry Potter (I forgotten I spent how long to finish it).

John Harding - the main character of the book, had a almost perfect life. He was the world second largest computer company senoir manager. His carrer was so bright and a wife (Sally) and a children called (Rick). All the pride and succesiveness of his life had gone in a sudden after the death of his wife and son in a tragic accident. All about now in his mind was to end his as soon as possible with a pistol in his drawer. Before he could pull the trigger, his best freind Bill had showed up himself and asked him to coach a boy little league baseball team - The Angel Team. Hope and purpose once again regained in his life, after meeting the children in the baseball team especially the non-athletic type Timothy. He was weak and small in size and not so good in baseball but yet he was still someone important to the team. He was a person that never ever give up although always finishing up with all kinds of failure. Timothy the twelfth angel of the angel team had pulled Harding out from the hell.

The book was written by Og Mandino, a famous inspirational author.

If you are facing the biggest failure in your life now, please read this book, it may saves your life!!!

If you are having a great success in your life now, please read this book also, you don't know what will happen in the future. Maybe the biggest failure is wating us tomorrow??? Who knows...



p/s: ignore the date in the photos. I forgotten to set the date again.

Friday, December 4, 2009

still there, eat and eat

Before the trip, our macha Jason was kept on mentioning about the scones at Penang Hill, David Brown restaurant. He said no matter how what he want was scones. Fml!!! Actually, eating scones was not a big big problem. The biggest problem was we need to wake up early in the morning travel hundred feet high above sea level in order to get scones in our stomach. For those normal people wasn't a big problem to wake up early in the morning but not for those dumbass mutant that they are hard to wake up in morning. Even they were up, they were just lining on the bed instead of bath. FML!!!

So, that morning cb was the first who woke up and he woke everyone up, and we all giving full cooperation. All woke up and bath without any dealy. And we manage to eush for the 9 am train to Penang Hill and reached there about 10am. Yeah, we made it, we made it to the scones.

Yawning in the train way up to Penang Hill because the train was really really slow. Fml!!!

Reaching soon!!!!

10 am sharp we reached the peak of the Penang Hill. Got a nice view of Penang on top of there.

Here we reached the strawberry hill-David Brown restaurant. And I got the feel of having a English brealfast in England. So classic!!!

You don't want to look at the menu because the price is very very expensive. Later you will know what expensive food that I ordered, but most of them didn't ordered anything except scones.

Hang was camwhoring with my new OAKLEY sunglasses. The one I get from Kek Lok Si.

Scones. The food that I rushing for. A small bread serving with jam, better and cream. Fml!!! I was a bit dissapointed with scones but not after i tried it. And the price of one small scones is Rm6.00 excluded the tax. Yeah, it is pretty expensive.
The scone is a small British Quickbread (or cake if recipe includes sugar) of Scottish origin. The original scone was round and flat, usually the size of a small plate. It was made with unleavened oats and baked on a griddle, then cut into triangle-like quadrants for serving.
sources from Wikipedia

Oat porridge-appetizer of the breakfast set

This was what cost me rm30 for. Just a normal breakfast set. One baked tomato, some omallete, a slice of bread, a sausage, a pieces of bacon and two slices of papaya for decoration purpose. I think I am paying for the environment instead of paying for the food.

They went back to Line Clear again for Nasi kandar. Fml!! Why they like nasi kandar so much??? The above picture was Hang rm14.40 nasi kandar and he cannot manage to finish it.

Hang and Jason trying their best to finish the whole plate.

The Nasi Kandar lover.

I still prefer CKT and ice kacang.

The End of Penang food hunting.