Thursday, August 12, 2010

German Deli Imbiss @ Petronas Ampang Jaya

I hardly forgotten the last time I updated my blog. It was around 2 weeks ago. I was so busy nowadays because of  applying the visa to England. It was really terrible experience for me during the whole process until today I had my mood back on track to blog.

Let's back to the topic of the day. Ya! It is about food again. This time is some German Cuisine that I craving for all the time.

German Deli Imbiss was a fastfood restaurant that located in the Petronas in Ampang. For your knowledge, it is opposite the Kuala Lumpur International School. Actually why I always craving for the German food so much?? Because I really love to drink those German beers that really cost high in Malaysia.

Outside of the restaurant.

Inside of the restaurant.

I found out that this German restaurant actually doesn't serve beer (very dissapointed). They only served root beer for the customer. Fine!!! I had ordered a liter of root beer to chill myself out. And I ended up not finishing the whole jug of root beer.

The jug was heavy until I thought I was in the gym room lifting a dumbell.

A fucked up chicken burger. The chicken looks delicious but just taste so so only. It was not a whole chicken thigh. It was just a pieces of chicken patty. When you had your fisrt bite on it, you will feel like you are having a big pieces of chicken flavoured fishcake. You feel very full just after you finish half of the burger. You aren't physically full but you are just mentally full.

Luckily they served it with some mustard. It will be some addition of point.

Here come the 16 inches Jawbreakers. Don't try it unless you got a huge stomach to digest it.

It was really long. I am shy when I saw this Jumbo cock dog.

It served with some colourful vegetables and some unknown sauce. And the thickness of the dog might scare your cock away.

They should be proud of their fries. Way better than McD.

UWHH!!! Having difficulty to suck the cock dog!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My life would sucks without you

The world cup had passed for around just 2 weeks but it seems like just passed yesterday. I still switching on TV watching the replays and those memorable highlights. No more mamak stall for teh tarik and going to those beer house for a few pints of alcohol. No more vuvuzela going around my ears. I even undergo insomia by not hearing those vuvuzela. No more shouting for goal and foul wording those moron referee. I would need to wait for four years again to repeat the above action.

Starting the post with a theme song:

Although the world cup had passed, there are still some highlights that will be in memory forever.

I still can't believe the Lampard dissallowed goal until I saw this picture. And I realized that the FIFA had introduced the new goal line a few minuted before the game started. As a die hard of England, I was really angry with that error call by the referee. But I was impressed by the Germans game and they deserved to win that match even the goal was given to England.

Boobs are good for men as well as handphone to. She had shown the world a new style holding their handphone. People said if mens put their handphone in their pocket will kill all the sperm. I said stuff a handphone between your boobs will dry up your milk. I prayed for the hot chick by not getting breast cancer.

First time in my life I saw a guy who had received a red card celebrating with his team mate. He did something superb to save Uruguay from crashing out from world cup. Suarez - He called himself " the second hand of god" . At the very final minutes the game between Uruguay and Ghana he had became the hero by saving a header with his hand. The Ghanian missed from the spot and the game was sent to a penalty shootout to decide the semi finalist. And the Uruguay run out as a winner.

Many of them said Suarez action was very unsportmanlike. He shouldn't be using his hand to save the ball. He got a red card for the hand ball and Ghana was awarded a penalty. What the world want some more. Ghana who miss the penalty. They should blame themselves for the defeat. Let's said if Ghana score that penalty, for sure thousand of soul in African soil will forget about Suarez handball. Now, they missed the penalty and they blamed Suarez handball for their defeat.

At first, I really hate vuvuzela because it wass too annoying. But after the world cup, I feel lonely without the sound of vuvuzela. Sometimes, even undergo insomia without those vuvuzela buzzing around my ears. Hope to get one soon for souvenir.

Paul the octopus was the God of the game. I nearly fried it for lunch after the Germans defeated by Spain. I still not so believe in his ability. And I found out that this creature like red colour and yellow colour. As long as the flag of your country have more red and yellow colour the higher percentage Paul will pick the country.

The Germany flag has more red and yellow on their flag compare to England just and red cross in the middle of the flag. As I said Paul love red and yellow.

Do you think Argentina got enough red and yellow colour on the flag compare to Germany?

Now you know why Paul picked Spain to lift the cup.

And maybe some day Malaysia can do it also.

See Malaysia flag got so many red and yellow colour on the flag. Do they deserved a chance Paul?

I remember this game very well while the portugist trashing the DPR Korea 7-0 that night.

And there are a rumours after the game. The DPR player will sent to the coal mine after exiting from the wolrld cup.

The Miners

Jong Tae-Se is the most pity one. He was the best player among those communist. Really pitty him if he really going off from the pitch to the mines. That's why he crying and yelling.

Remember during the first game between DPR and Brazil. Jong was crying during the national anthem. Because he knew he going to be a miners in one month time. Fuck. The England players were laughing at people. I think the English should be the one who might need to train themselves hard in the coal mine.

Let's lauch a campaign to save JONG from being a coal miner. He is a footballer not a coal miner.

These guys were those who sending the DPR players to the coal mine.

Jabulani the nightmare of the players.

Many of the players complaining this ball wasn't well designed for world cup. And most of them were the team who under performance in the world cup. They blamed nothing but the ball. Brazil and England were among the nation that blaming the ball. Fuck!! That's all crap.

Blame you hand not the ball. Fuck your hand not the ball.

Spain won the world cup with this ball. Germany striked pass England with 4 goals. Why can't you make it?

Better stay at home played football with your doggy. Not come to South Africa to play for the world cup. Blame nothing but your mistake please.

No wonder Messi can't get a single goal in South Africa. But on the other side, Villa, Mueller, Forlan and Sneijer had netted for the fifth time.

Do you think about Are you designed by the God to play football?

These men had shown us the way to master the Jabulani. The loser of the world up should asked them how to kick a Jabulani with style.

This world cup is all about eating money.

Culprit no. 1

The man who standing right hand side. Jorge Larrionda who deny Frank's goal against Germany.

Culprit no. 2

The linesman who never raised the flag while Tevez scored pass Mexico. He enjoying his holiday now in South Africa staying in five star hotel.

Culprit No.3

Melo earned cash by hitting an own goal and stepping Robben for a red card.

Spain won the world cup with the lowest goal scoring just eight goal to settle for the cup.

Viva Espana...

They had high expectation to win the cup and they did it.

We are the champion.

Screw you!!!

Just a shot to win the cup. Iniesta scored pass Netherland on 116th minutes.

He took the opportunity to pay tribute to a colleague who passed away before the start of last season. In front of a TV audience of more than 750 million, the Barca star removed his shirt to reveal the message "Dani Jarque siempre con nosotros." tranlated to Dani Jarque always with us.

First final, first world cup.

Come on!!!

Let's get drunk. The player had get drunk after the game with dozens of Budweisers. Some of the players may streching out of the dressing room not because of injury but because they are drunk.

On the way back to Spain.

When the heroes reached Spain.

They deserved for the cup. Viva Espana again.

Bye bye to the world cup. And my life would be sucks without you.

Waka waka before ending my post.