Thursday, May 27, 2010

Snow Ice @ 100 YEN Shop

These few days was fucking hot. I got no idea about what was happening to the earth recently. I was having dinner at Suzi's corner and later on when I finish my dinner my whole back was wet flooded with sticky sweat. I thought I was just finished playing a tough badminton game. I was fucking pissed due to the hot weather. I need something to chill out. So, one of them had given me a choice to have some snow ice to chill out. We went to a 100 Yen shop at Wangsa Maju.

Yeah true. 100 Yen shop wasn't a restaurant. It was a shop that really sold things in 100 Yen. It was like a 7-11 but the difference were all the goods have the same proce (100 yen) and the shop wasn't running 24 hours. There was a small kiosk with a ice blending machine and two small tables that fits approximately 5 person. That was where I going to chill myself out.

I was wondering 100 Yen equals to how many ringgit?

100 Yens equal to rm3.73. But all the goods inside was selling in the price of Rm4.90. We paid Rm1.20 more compare to the actual convertion rate of the day.

They provide 7 types of non fattening snow ice. It was an ideal dessert to those who was undergoing there diet plan. Compare to ice cream, the snow ice was healthier. You need to jog about 10km to burnout the ice cream but you just need to walk 2km to burnout the snow ice.

The mango snow ice. Mango flavoured ice cub was shaved into small fine piece of snow ice mixing with some mango nectar and some mango cube for the topping. Compare to GTS (Gei Tuck Sek) one, I still prefer the GTS one. GTS provide the best mango ice in Malaysia.

As usual, green tea was always a great match with red beans. Green tea smell wasn't too strong suitable for those who not pick green tea as their favourite. More red beans will make the sonw ice more perfect.

Milk taste snow ice with chocolate powder topping. My favourite snow out there. The taste was like a cup of milk mixing with a jug of cold water. That means the milk taste wasn't strong enough. But overally, it was the best pick for snow ice based on my opinion.

If you would like to have some caffein for your night. My pick for you was the coffe snow ice. Taste like a packet of  coffee powder mixing with a lot of water. Coffee taste wasn't too strong. Suitable for those coffee lover. If you are don't like to eat nuts please tell the cashier not to put nuts for the topping. Because one of my friends put all the nuts always before she started to eat.

The weathers was killing nowadays. Do chill yourself out at 100 YEN shop with just only RM4.90 before you get killed by the sun. I was not so chilled. Tomorrow was predicted hot, I need something better to chill out.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hung Kee Wantan Mee

I was a very common road user at Jalan Loke Yew because almost everyday I need to go there to fetch my brother back from school. I had realized that there were no nice food store in Jalan Loke Yew until I found out this restaurant - Hung Kee. I was stucked in a jam in Jalan Loke Yew and I found out an old restaurant was full of people. Later on, I heard my dad said that was a restaurant that sell Wantan Mee for many years. Yes, I now knew where to have my lunch at Loke Yew. As a wantan mee lover, you cannot resist to try out their wantan mee.

That was an olden style restaurant selling nice wantan mee. If you like traditional feel, you can choose your sit at the non-airconditonal area. If there were 32 celcius out there, you choose to sit at the air-conditional site. I can't live without aircond, so my best pick was the lower site.

Normally, customer there will order a plain mee. The mee just serve with some vegetables on top mixing with soy sauce and black oil. Or you can choose to cooked the mee with soup. But for traditional wantan mee, I recommended you to eat the dry mix style. A big plate just cost you for RM4. I know it wasn't worth to pay just for the mee. But the mee here was chewy and bouncy enough that really worth Rm4.

I knew it was weird eating if wantan mee was without Char Siew (bbq pork). So, what you need to order was a plate of Char Siew and Siew Yok (roasted pork). Not much to say about their Char Siew just left thumb up for it. The meat was soft enough and taste good with the Char Siew sauce. Remember always choose the half fat half meat for your Char Siew. Right thumb up for the Siew Yok due to the crispy pork skin layer.

Wantan Mee without wantan can't called wantan mee. You just need to order a bowl of wantan for plain mee. Their wantan was awesome until I whalloped 15 of them. Basically their wantan was made of minced meat with a little bit prawn inside chopped with minced vegetables. I would like to have 20 for my next visit to that shop.

Let me lead you to Hung Kee

You can see it clearly on your right hand side if you are from the roundabout. If you are from Jalan Maharajarela please make an U- turn under the bridge before the roundabout and you may see the restaurant on your left.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bye bye to Mr Thomas

Last week was a great week for those badminton fans. It was the 2 year once BWF Thomas and Uber Cup competition. And the best part was the competition held in Kuala Lumpur. As a badminton die hard fans, I had no choice but went to the stadium every match that Malaysia in action. People said Malaysia had the brightest chance to win the tournament after China. Just because we had a reasonable squad and the most important factor was the crazy home crowd. But if we compare the line up wit China. There were totally no match at all. Our national team was against all odds to clinch the title.

I had went there just for three days. And my emotion was up and down during these three days of match up. I had went for the two group stage matches between Malaysia and Nigeria, Malaysia and Japan. And the nerve cracking quater final match between Malaysia and Denmark.

Frist day, I went was a bit dissapointed because Malaysia was not in action. They suppose to play against the Nigerian. But due to some technical problem, Nigeria had walked over the match to Malaysia. It wasn't a good day for the Malaysian fans because they felt like wasting buying ticket coming in watching those Malaysia players marched into the court and not playing. I had left the stadium when I knew the match had over without playing. For the player also wasn't a good news. They had lost a golden chance to warm themselves up for the coming clash with Japan. They can't find the feel of playing without playing any game.

The second time I went was the clash between power house Malaysia and the rising sun Japan. The stadium was full of supporter that day. The seat almost full just like the Thomas cup Final.

That day was a huge blow to our National player. We suffering a 3-2 defeat by Japan. Malaysia was totally in control on the first two matches. With Lee Chong Wei clinching the point with style playing with Kenichi Tago. The repeat of All England Final 2010. Lee Chong Wei showed no fear of the rising star and lead Malaysia to 1-0 lead. As we knew, our national top double pair Kien Keat and Boon Heong were always losing to those unknown Japanese pair. We were worrying that can they bring back the point for Malaysia. And finally they did it in style. Smashing their way to 2-0 lead. The crowds gone wild cheering louder and louder. And here comes the turn over. Our veteran player Choon Hann out there to clinch the victory for Malaysia. Once again playing with an unknown player. He failed to do so. His opponent letting him down just in two straight set.

Here come the climax of the night. Our second double pair was blew away by the Japanese just in less than 30 minutes in front of the home crowd. The crowd booed the players until one of our double player Fairuzizuan lost his temper and showed a vugral sign to one of the local fans. And nearly run up the spectator seats to beat him up. Luckily, the team managed to stop him in time. I know the the he was under a very tough pressure during a game but as a professional players he should be able to control his emotion in and out of the court. That was really a shame to the country, the team and of course the fans. The fans were taking the wrong steps to. They should encourage them instead of booing them throughout the game. So, the Malaysian in the stadium were the one we should blame. Of course, I am the one who boo till I lost my voice. I am the guilty one. And I guess Fairul was out of the action in Thomas Cup due to his problematic attitude. Japan had tied the game.

Germany was a team full of creativity. They got nice custom and performance to the crowd before the game. Even they know they got slim chance chasing the title, they showed respect  to the game.

And here goes the third single. Malaysia was fielding Hafiz for the decider. We expected Malaysai will lose in this clash because we weren't confident with Hafiz performance. And after the third set rubber game. We lost. That was not the end of Malaysia Thomas Cup Campaign. They still managed to book their ticket to the quarter final. But they had choosen the road that tougher than anyone else. They were going to play with the European power house Denmark. China was on their half of the table too.

The crowd was awesome on day 3. Because there were clash between Malaysia and Denmark. I hardly found seats to watch the game when I enter the stadium.
Malaysian was crazy in badminton because it was the only hope for them to be proud of their country.

Malaysia vs Denmark.

Actually I was lost confident in Malaysia game and I planned not to watch the quater final game. But finally the badminton nerves in my body started to convert my mind. I had rang Teressa up for the match. We breezed through the jam in MRR2 and Bukit Jalil and we miss out Chong Wei match up with Gade. Once again, he steadily grab the opening point for Malaysia and our double pair did the same things as our Dato did. 2-0 leading over Demark, we were playing with two point cushion and the crowd was not happy with the lead because the tournament climax had just started. We may be facing the same things two days before when playing with Japan. Choon Hann came out and lose the point with style. His physically power was totally down because of his age and his mentally power was strong enough to over come the fatigue. He managed to take the game into the rubber match up. After a tight fight he lost the rubber set with 21-19.  And we were guessing about who will be coming out for the second double. Out of the expectation, our national team fielded a scracth pair to match with the seasoned campaigners Rasmussen and Passke. The first mathc was amazing with deuced until 26-24 Malaysia win the game and throw away the last 2 games with style. Lack of communication and syncronization were the point we lost the game. 2-2 Denmark turned the table around. And Hafiz from zero to hero clinch the winning point for Malaysia with his fantastic display. He bury his opponent in two straight game with style. He made it he saved the day for Malaysia. He was totally a different player from the other day playing with Japan.

Of course Malaysia was out of the contention of losing 3-0 to the Chinese. And the Chinese retained the title for the fourth consecutive year. The Chinese got stronger mental power than the Malaysian that's why they deserved the win. But for our national player, they lacking of strong mentality. This is why the trashed by China.

I got myself a piece of Malaysia team jersey.

Hafiz fantastic performance outclassed his opponent.

I should so loud. Hafizzzz....

 The winning team celebrates.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Matching ya!!!

French fries was the most popular food among the people in Malaysia. From burger kiosk to mamak stall, we can see them selling french fries. I was a french fries lover since young. And I had a conclusion that McD provides the best fries that I ever consumed. Striped potato deep fried in boiled oil until become crunchy serving with salt was one of the trademark of McD. I can eat McD without burgers but not without fries.

What makes them so nice? The answer was the CocaCola. French fries was a prefect combination with Coke. When you keep on consume french fries, you will feel very thirsty due to the salt and coke was drank to quench the thirst. Once you have a sip of coke, you will feel to have some fries again. That was a recyle action until your fries and coke finish. Only coke can do that. No other drinks in the world can replace CocaCola as the partner of french fries.

If you scare of diabetes you can try CocaCola light. But you can reach the maximum satisfaction.

Do you realized that KFC seldom served french fries? French fries was not main food in their menu. It was catagorized under the extra part. And you seldom order fries when you having KFC. You will feel that KFC fries was not nice at all. Because of what? If you were a observative person, you will find out KFC never serve Coca Cola at all. They served Pepsi. Pepsi wasn't match with those fries unlike Coca Cola even some of them said Coca Cola was same with Pepsi.

Lets compare KFC and McDonald Menu.

See those KFC menu doesn't contain any fries in their set. They replaced it with mashed potato and wedges.

See all the sets in Mcd was containing fench fries and so Coca Cola. Thats the difference.

There were once the manager of one of the McD outlets doing a survey with me. They had asked me a question "why do you like to dine in Mcd?" I said, " No fries No Mcd. I came here because of the fries." This was a real quote. I believe that if McD discontinued their fries, their business also will going downwards until some of the outlet maybe shutting down one by one. They rather to discontinue other food than discontinue their fries.

Stuff a few fries into your mouth. Take a sip of coke. Thats the way we consume fries.


Just soaked the fries into your coke.