Sunday, January 31, 2010

Screw up - Avatar

Why I said that was a pointless day again?? Because I had missed out Avatar 3D for the third time. What the fuck was happening la. I wanted to watch Avatar 3D, many of them said that Avatar was the movie of the year worth watching. The first time missed out because of the traffic congestion at Jalan Tun Razak (my fault). The second time missed out because left only 2 places and the empty places were on the front row. Third time (today) missed out because of nothing. I already reached the cinema one hour before the movie but still can't made it. Speechless!!!

Since we missed out the movie, I decided not to watch any movie on that day and I won't return to the cinema for Avatar 3D again. Pissed off. I am going to get myself a pirated DVD watching with the blu ray deck. I never tried to misses 3 times in a row.

Miss out Avatar, we decided to shopping. At first, we went Quiksilver and Roxy because I wanted to collect my pants that I ordered the day before. They rang me up for the checked pants. Setlle all bills and I got a rm38 voucher. WTF again. So you think there are things that less than rm38 in the store?? Firstly, Teressa chose a necklace (rm39.90) that wasn't the product of Q&R. Sigh!! Put it back and choose again.

The bladdy rm38 voucher that mede us hair wired. I should buy one more item to make it rm300, so that, I can get the rm88 voucher for a slipper or something else. My fault.

At last we found something that below rm38 - quiksilver and roxy keychain. No one will buy these except the rm38 voucher holders. I really dunno whose fucking idea was that. I still prefer the old promotion second buy 40% off.

So, we decided to get ourselves some keychains with the voucher. We bought two - the Roxy one for her and the beach wear one for me. Fml!!! Overbudget lol. Still need to pay rm1.80 for those keychain. Their business tactic was awesome we still need to pay money for those free voucher exchanged goods. Consumers are always the most easiest animal to be cheated.

Happy Chinese New Year. They changed their paper bag like a angpau packet. So chinese style har!? I gotta feeling that CNY was around the corner.

She said my pants was like boxers with zip that costs rm214.90.

Cow cow. Sorry I had bought the pants. I think earing on my body nice than yours la. Go get another one la. Don't care about the voucher ad - not worth at all

p/s: happy chinese new year people

Thursday, January 28, 2010

How will I spend my angpau money???

During the younger age, my mom was stopping me using up my angpau money for my personal purpose. Normally, she will help us saved all the money into our account. But now I have grown, she had gave me the right to spend my own property (angpau money la) doing what I want. Since when, I really forgot. I got a few years never save my angpau money in the bank already. I found out that I wasn't spending the money on my favourite object but I was spending on my daily life (for food, movie, petrol etc.) Whats the point spending on that ,since my pocket money was more than enough for that. So for this year I got a full plan on HOW I SPEND MY ANGPAU MONEY.

It is the time to reveal my plan for $$$ to the world.

#1 Dinner In The Sky

Recently I had watched a programme on astro (I forgotten what programme) that always introduced weird and dangerous stuff. I was admiring the people who had try dining in the sky. How do you feel when you are dining 150ft above the ground? So what was on your mind when I told you the idea of dinner in the sky? What you expect from it? I am sure you will think about having dinner on the topest floor of Dubai Burj Tower with cosy chair and table serving marvellous dinner in the sky. For me dining on the topest floor of Burj wasn;t challenging enough.

So what was that challenging sky dinner...
This was what I expect to be my ideal sky dinner. Dining 150ft above the ground with crane hanging massive table and chairs. I know it was a bit insane but I can tell you once in a life time everything you must try. I think even you had the best chef for me above the sky cooking for me the most delicious food, I wont actually had the appetite to enjoy the food. Because this was a quite life risking task and everything in my brain wasn't about the nice food but the scene when I fly out from the table. urghhhh!!!

What am I waiting for, for a mere 10,000 euro was enough for me to throw a sky dining party!!!! Invitation card will send to you all shortly.

#2 Buy the whole team of Liverpool

These were all the players and coaches I wanted to buy. For your information, Liverpool was suffering throughout the season they eliminated from the Champions league, FA Cup, League Cup and dropping out from the top four.

The first thing that I going to do was to sack this Hero!!!!!

And bring in

In order to return the glory
And finally You will never walk alone. Shaun and Gope you will be invited to the team and played for me to return the glory. Your jersey and contract were ready. Call me when you see this post. Shiva, you are hired to trimmed the grass at anfield.

#3 Staying in Burj Al Arab Hotel

Burj Al Arab Hotel, world's most luxurious and only seven star hotel on the planet.

Sleeping in the royal suite enjoying the most luxurious moment of my life. Taking some of the hotel souvenir for all my friends. Shampoo for Jason, bodyshampoo for Yong, Sanitary bag for Agent 67....

In order to achieved above dream, I need the cooperation of my friends and family.

Finally happy chinese new year people

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First time blogging using iPhone

Guess the riddle below

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Penang Famous Wantan Mee at Jalan Burma

Yeah true!!! I was at Penang again for food hunting. I am going to make you fucking hungry again because I am going to introduced you the best Wantan Mee I tried in my life. It was early in the morning, woke up by Cow Cow. He said Zhen Penang friends were going to bring us out for food hunting. Local that means local, only them can really found nice food that a man from far land couldn't found. They brought me to one of the Wantan Mee stall that become the highlight of the trip - for me.

The oldman was running a Wantan Mee stall helped by his beloved wife. He can prepare many bowls of Wantan mee in the same time. One of the factor that made the mee so delicious was the bowl that they used and the atmosphere there. The stall was located at Jalan Burma one Penang most hectic street. Don't know why if this kind of mee serve in a five star hotel with very nice food presentation, I wont be ordering it. But when the mee was served besides the hectic and busy road with a very traditional design chinese glass bowl, I can whack more than one bowls. Foods must served on the right time and a right place with a correct food presentation.

Big - RM3.70
Medium - RM3.20
Small- RM2.70
Vegetable mixing with oil - RM2.70

Based on my opinion. I guess the old man had prepare the mee by himself. Thats why the mean was soft and bouncy. Normally, the factory made mee won't be so bouncy and it will be a bit hard like Maggi Mee that you ate during you supper.

Wantan Mee that means mee that served with wantan. A part wantan, there were still other ingredient that made the taste of the mee become more tastier. Every stall had their own combination of side ingredient, but they were more or less the same. The wantan mee above was served with mushroom, char siew, boiled chicken and vegetables. You can have all the nutrition that your body need for the day. And the marinated green chillis were a must no matter which stall you visit.

A bowl full of wantan. The wantan that served on top of the mee of course was not enough for us. We side ordered 30 more wantan since the wantan wasn't too big. But I guess 30 wasn't enough also.

Cow don't even care who the hell there scoped the wantan mee and whack!!!!

Tuck Kei don't eat mine leh... fml!!! Left some for me!!!!

We like wantan!!!!!!

Sapu all in just less than 10 minutes. Can make it into the record book already. The fastest wantan mee eating human.

Eddy + cow + arnold + tecky = one big stack of bowl after a mouth watering wantan mee lunch

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lz hometown - Kulim trip part 3

It is quite ridiculous that a girl playing Dota. People said when men sit together, the words they speak are for sure about chicks, peeping the chick on the next table. When guys are discussing about Dota, there are the only conversation free from chick. Thats why ladies are not related to Dota. Lets put this in a more statistical way. Ladies and Dota were mutually exclusive. From the above statement. it was enough to prove that ladies don't play Dota. Or sometimes they hate dota. They lost their time with their love one because her boyfriend was busying clicking the mouse in a cyber cafe. You know what nothing can stop them when boys thinking about hitting the keyboard for a game of Dota even their girlfriend were angry with them.

But during the trip to Kulim. I found out that Lz was learning how to play Dota. Not bad huh!? I seldom saw girl dotaing huh!? FTW....SHE WAS PLAYING DOTA!!!!!

Don't look at her face. Please look at the screen. Warcraft eh!!! No joke!!!

Serious face. Just like the boy did when they playing Dota. Remember last time my macha - Jason's face was the same when he playing Dota. He was fucking serious until he will screw anybody that disturbed his game or even fuck that fellow who tried to singalingam beside him about Dota.

Let me review the match between tlz and artificial intelligent player.

Her well respected opponent. And she had choosen Drow Ranger because that was the only hero she knew how to use.

Let the beat rockzzzz zzzzz

Lets see what can she do with Dota!!!

TLZ just got a double kill....fml she can do it...

Show me better things please!!!

Walau!!! Like that also can triple kill!!!!

Come on la...ultra kill please

She made it!!! imposible leh!!! Last time I also can't do leh!!!

Don't tell me you can rampage!!!

no joke. She was a talented player...FFMMLL!!!!

Sometimes don't mess up with the girls. They maybe better than  the guys. Don't always think that only the guys can only play good Dota, only can beyond godlike. Even a girl also can beyond godlike in the game. Remember last time in inti, QiQi was the only girl that sometimes playing Dota with us, but our so called top player YappyCK was pawned by her few times leh. Don't look down on the girls. Girls are scary and hard to catch. FML!!!

Time to leave Kulim. Bye bye and thanks for welcoming me. I will be back. :)

Long trip back home....

Stay tuned!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lz hometown - Kulim trip part 2

Why I mentioned that I was risking my life for some purpose??? Haha!!! Lz was driving me out with her manual car. I think I should buy more insurance before I went Kulim. Normally, is me who drive people go here go there, instead of people driving me go here go there. Finally, I chosen the road had not been taken by anyone - get myself on the passenger sit.

Luckily her skill wasn't as bad as I thought earlier. Out of my expectation she can drove extremely good but with top speed that more than 50km/h. Jangan cepat asalkan selamat!!! Maybe she was thinking about my safety. Thats why she wasn't going so fast.

Actually the place that we heading towards not far away from her place but we took quite some time to reach that place due to her slow and steady driving. And finally we reached the Hutan Lipur Kalangan.

I had been a long time didn't went to this type of places that filling with fersh air and clear and clean water and greeny jungle. During my college, I was surrounding by tons of unknown chemical and the familiar organic compound ethanol that pulling my leg down in my chemistry exam. I think the only greeny things I can found in room last time was PM box instead of the greeny jungle that  I found out at Kulim.

The water was freezing cold. Even my feet that full of fats that accumulated during the olden days were not enough to protecting me from the coldness of the water.

Her brother. Another dota kaki. Remind me the days that dotaing during the college period.

Thank you Chia Ren for treating me the famous wantan mee and braised chicken feet at Kulim. According to Chia Ren, the owner of the wantan mee stall was selling wantan mee until staying in a luxury bungalow and driving mercedes. See anything will happen in the world. Not said you are a doctor or lawyer you deserved to drive BMW or BENZ.

I think I should stop right now to continue with my books that reading for this few weeks.
Next post coming, Found out a big secret about Lz. Hehe....She learned something new.
Stay tuned!!!