Monday, March 29, 2010

Earth Hour

Earth Hour was a global event hold by the WWF and eventuallu held on the last Saturday of March by asking the household and big organization to close their light and stop using electrical appliance for one hour. Basically is from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm. Kuala Lumpur was one of the city that we should be proud of because it was one of the cities who going to light off.

Last year was the first time I heard about Earth Hour (EH) held in Malaysia. Not only me, I think most of the citizen was the newbie to EH. You know la. Those Malaysians always attracted to new and fresh things one. Everyone was talking about EH. For me, I just followed the crowd. I had bought a ticket from Axcess ticketing and going to attend an event at the new established Cap Square. The main factor that leading me for the event was the exclusive Earth Hour T shirt but I never get it later.

Since Malaysian was only attracted by new happens. That means Earth Hour this year was just like normal days. Not hearing any big event happening around the city. Just knew some of the landmark of Malaysia gone light off for one hour. I only knew 30 minutes before the light gone off. I am a typical Malaysian. This was a very good example that Malaysian only smell new toys.

Since, I got nothing to blog about 2010 Earth Hour. So, let's do some flashback to last year Earth Hour.
Rm10 tickets was bought to join the walk of hope but unfortunately we late for the walk and the most fuck up things was the t shirt had finished issued to the participant. We shouldn't be late. Fuck up.

We still managed to get a cup with candle filling inside.

Provide the lighting during 8.30 - 9.30

Later the cup of candles was put on the floor to form a 60. To show our support to the event.

Me and Teressa camwhoring in front of the candles 60.

To show my full support to the earth hour. I had bought the recycle bag that cost me Rm30. I lost my chance to obtain the t-shirt and I lost my money again to get a recycle bag for souvenir. But later when I reached home, I realized that there were no EH logo on the bag. FML!!!

Eddy @capsquare Earth Hour walk of hope.

That was the bag I bought. I always carry this bag during my college time.

When the lights go off...

It was really dark when the lights go off. The performance still going on although there we no lighting. KL tower that cover by colouful lighting throughout the year was light off also to show full support to the event.

DBKL was not giving any support the street light in KL was still on. At the tallest building in Malaysia was totally light off for the first time. Look carefully onto this picture. The background was our well-known KLCC twin tower. It wasn't disappeared just light off only.

2010 Earth Hour, I thought Malaysia wasn't participating but our country was still on the list. To show my full support I watched TV with my light off. Did Earth Hour giving your any lesson about saving our dieing soon planet or only giving way for those businessman to make a supernormal profit. We were living in Malaysia. So, PROFIT come first.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

astro talent quest audition @ federal hotel

First of all, a very very sorry to some of my friend because I was missing out of action for the whole day. Carl, sorry for not coming to tea break with you at Gei Tuck Sek. Because I was at Federal Hotel queueing up for the ATQ audtion. Oppss, not me but my friend. I was just there to support and of course be the driver for a future star.

It was 7 am in the morning. I was rang up by a morning call from Jalan Ipoh. I had forgotten when was the last time the morning sun ray dancing on my face. That was my earliest up from bed since my long lasting holiday started.

Beating the jam and we reached the hotel at 8.15 am. Getting ready for audition. I thought we were quite erly for the audition but we were definitely wrong, there were more contestant that we expected to arrive that time. The queue was long until we couldn't find out where should we start queueing up.

The crowd when we reached Federal Hotel. It was really crazy. Many of them in Malaysia have a dream to become a superstar one day. The corridor to the ballroom was full of people and the voice when people praticing singing. Every corner in the hotel, you can listen to the contestant practicing their song for audition. Even worse in the toilet. I was peeing and I heard someone voice blurting out from one of the bathroom and I feel so bad until my brother cut of the pee even there were still some waste product in it.

Astro are only punctual for their tv programme but not other event. The audition should be start on 9 am sharp but what they did was let us to wait until 10 am only they kick their ass start the audition. As a big event organizer, I think they should try to be must be punctual, so that people won't waste their precious time standing there waiting for the whole day. This was one of the big mistake they had made. I was freaking pissed of when waiting for the audition to start off.

The contestant were submitting their entry form to Astro. Only one counter were open to serve more than 500 contestant. No wonder everybody was standing there and wait. I had do some calculation during the waiting session. We were only moved three step every 10 minutes and we were long long way to reach the counter. They should put a few more counter in order to fasten the whole process not letting people waiting like hell.

At last we reached the banquet hall waiting for the our turn (not mine). We get number 217. That means we need to wait 216 people to reach our turn. Fine!!!

The long time supporting team.

The door to become a star and so the door of failure. This door will lead you to the judge to decide your sruote to be a star. Your journey start from here. If you pass the audition, you will walk out from another place but if you fail to make the cut, this was the place you came out. Your journey start from here or your journey end here.

Lets talk about the competition. This was my friend experience during the audition. When you walk in to the audition room you won't see who was the judge but they will see you. What you need to do was standing in front of the mirror and you sing by looking youself. There was a light there indicating whether you where in or out. Red that means you're out, green that means you're in.

I'm skeptic I need evidence.

There were two judges that judge the contestant. Two judges were sitting in two different rooms. The two judged were well-known in local music so I know their face very well. But the problem was I saw one of the judge walk out from the audition room. WTF. Who are going to judge the constestant who suppose to sing in his room. Izzit the workers there will judge? I am kindda skeptic with this incident. It sounds like not fair to anyone.

Once again I am skeptic I need evidence.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Taman Watan Gou Lou Pan Mee

During my younger ages I not really like to have Pan Mee for my meal. You asked me why? I am so sorry I don't have the answer for you right now because the kids always having things that they hate by no reason. But since my mom was a Pan Mee lover, she had affected me to eat those Pan Mee. At first, I thought Pan Mee wasn't nice but until I tried the first sip, I totally down in love with those Pan Mee. I had tried a lot of Pan Mee stall until found this one near my house - Ampang.

This shop was named Gou Lou Pan Mee (tall man Pan Mee). It had become the famous icon among the Ampang Pan Mee outlets. Actually, I had stayed in this area for 13 years but until now only I discovered this stall. Thats true that people said the best things were in front of us but we can't see.

This is the reason why the stall had the name Tall man Pan Mee. The pan mee was cooked by this tall man (I dunno his name) but now the shop was run by her wife that can produce the same product as him. This photo was hard to snap because he seldom appear in the shop.

Enough for those introduction. It is now time to make you hungry.
There were some ingredients that made the pan mee taste better. Deep fried ikan bilis that crunching in your mouth while you were chewing it. The black strips known as MOK YEE was a must ingredient while cooking Pan Mee. Based on my mom explanation, the Mok Yee was good for constipation. No wonder I can shit easily nowadays. Some minced pork vegetables and mushroom had made the pan mee become more perfect. A bowl of nice delicious pan mee need a lot of fresh ingredient with a lot of cooking experience.

Pan Mee was made by flour mixing with some water. In order to produce high quality pan mee some special skill was required. The mee produced by this stall was bouncy and chewy enough. Mixing with the ikan bilis and pork rib soup were a perfect match with those Pan Mee.

Chilli sauce was required to increase your appetite during your meal.

This was another type of pan mee. Actually the overall was same, is just that the shape of that mee was different only. This was the teared pan mee. That means a big portion of flour was hand teared into many small portion. Teared Pan Mee had better chewing feel compare to the above one. But one thing is the teared one made you full faster compare to the normal one.

This was one of the proud of Ampang. The customers was really satisfied for the Pan Mee. You can't find this somewhere else except Taman Watan Gou Lou Pan Mee.

Address : Taman Watan, when you saw a car workshop from the main road just turn in the shop was just ahead. Have a nice day.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Karma is like a boomerang

Karma is like a bitch boomerang. First and foremost, I must say that there would be no secculent food involved in this post. It's gonna be so-not-eddy-style. I actually dedicated this post to a friend of mine, hottest hunk in my eddy friend list. Initially I was going to cross the word, bitch but since I'm not using wordpress. hmm perhaps i should consider of changing someday.

One of  my friend ( I named him Mr K here) told me about he is undergoing karma condition. One night when we having dinner together, we were talking about another Mr S very sad romance. Mr S was down in love with his best friend girl. Sorry, should be best friend ex -girl I think. We were talking about he will be the macha of his best friend. We keep on tease him laughter were surrounding him until he dunno how to react to us. We were discussing how do him going to face her best friend. I understand teasing people wasn't good and karma maybe happen. We still couldn't believe about karma. We continue our "good" work until the end of our dinner. After few weeks, Mr K rang me to have a heart to heart talk. He said he won't teased anybody anymore because karma really working. He was greatly into his best friend ex-chick also. He got no one to tell except me. He was suffering that time and dunno what to do until he came out with the pharse "Karma is like a boomerang". One day, I was yumchaing with Mr K and he said he was missing someone - his best friend ex-chick. At first, I thought he was just talking cock because based on his record his word only can believe 0.1% and the others are all cock and bull story. You know la. I'm skeptic I need evidence. After many evidences he showed me, I am now believe what he was saying and the most important part was I started believing the word "karma".

My advice here was to tell you all, do not do something bad to your friend beside you or you will get the punishment. What you said to your friend will then happen on yourself also. It is just like boomerang. In the end it will come back to yourself. SO do mind your word to your friends from now onwards. Karma wasn't just a word. It was a fact since the ancient time.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Poco Homemade

Poco Homemade. How many of you heard buefore? What is it? Where is it? I bet most of you don't know that there were such a shop occur in Malaysia. I also dunno that shop until one of my friend told me that was a nice place to hang out. So, at last we gave it a try for today afternoon tea time.

Poco was just like a piece of gold hidden under the ground. If you were destinated to find it, you will find it. It was 4 pm and I was walking in to that shop. Phew!!! There were no customer inside. Only two workers with some very unique handmade pieces of work. I wasn't feel strange about the shop was empty because POCO was really hard to find. Until we finished our food, there were only two of us there.

Why Poco got the name Homemade? Many of the item inside the restaurant was made by the owner. Like the bags hanging on the wall were all handmade the owner. Another things was the bags were ready to sell to those who wanted to brought them back home. Althought it was quite expensive, but I think it was worth buying because of the genuin handmade. You can't find any other same design as the one you get from Poco. Left bottom picture was the curtain made by the owners to seperate the kitchen and the dining area. The top left picture had  shown some drawing by the another owner. Full of creativity shown by the owners. Salute to them.

POCO special. Nice but I dunno how to describe about that taste. It looks like Ribena but it wasn't taste like blackcurrant. Taste like lychee but not wasn't lychee. Serving with some jelly underneath made the drink perfect. Thats why called Poco special.

Forgotten the name but it was a new product by the owners. You try vanilla milkshake, choc milkshake, strawberry milkshake but not this green tea milk shake. The shake was milky enough. The green tea taste was moderate after mixing with those milk. It wasn't a great problem if you are a green tea lover. Left thumb up and also my right thumb.

Fish Katsu set with curry and also Miso soup. The fish cutlet was deep fried golden brown and the crispyness had reach the highest level of deep fried. And the most important things wasn't nay fishy taste that irritate your meal. The curry was way better than the mamak one. No wonder can finish the whole plate la.

Homemade chicken roll. I can say that you can find this chicken roll only at Poco. Seaweed wrapping with chicken, sausages, crabstick, carrot, spring onion was a brand new combination. Dipping with mayo made the roll much more nicer. Crunch!!! Crunch!!! Crispy...

Accidentally consume it before photography session. So, I gotta download some photo from the official website to merge with the cake that bitten by someone. Poco homemade cheese cake. Brand new combination again. Green tea + cheese. The bottom layer was crunched Mcvities biscuit. Following by a layer of full cream cheese. Cover with a layer of gelatine green tea. I would order this again and again and again.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You think your brother can't stand still with this

Recently my mom was busying to open up all the hampers sent by my father's friend during the pre-cny period. Although some of the hampers had given to other people, there were still six hampers at home. I was curious what things was containing in those tall standing hampers.

Nothing so special until I found this.
If you are a banana, let me translate for you. This was a thingy for your cock to increase your love making power. The Deer penis and testical.

A male deer had sacrifice his testical for human. To let our brothers held his head high again. The chinese said what you organ you consume that means what organ of your body is getting stronger. They said that eating monkey brain can made someone brain works faster. Consuming the pig blood can increase the blood in your body. And this theory applied in males testical also. When we consumed testical, that means our penis can function like animal's reproductive organ. FML!!!

See whether you got a bove symptom before you consume that testiscal product. There were many ways to cook this testical, you can mix it with alcohol, turn it into pwder form, cook deer testis porridge and many many more ways.

The testicals was slices into thin pieces for easy consuming method. You can just take a piece up and put it into your mouth just like you eating sweet. If you dare to do so, just tell me, I will give you a try.

I think I must keep this for years until I reached the year 2060. I was 70 years old that time, if I still need it that was the good time to consume. Then next day newspaper come out, 70 years uncle die of having sex with 17 years old girl. Old that means old, you can't that means you can't. Don't force your brother to do something he can't do. You will pay for it with your life.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chor 8 - Bai Tian Gong

Chor 8 means the eighth day of chinese new year. Bai tian gong (BTG)means that Tian Gong'S birthday we need to pray. BTG is a more important than the first day of chinese new year in the tradition og Hokkien folks. Most of the businessmen were doing the prayers in order to improve their business in the coming year. Since Taiping was a town full of Hokkien Lang so BTG was a very precious event in Taiping. Almost every house celebrating it. Fireworks all over the sky just like the new year eve (01/01). Firecrackers cracked in front of everybody house until the police dunno which house to summon.

My uncle was burning the joss stick getting ready for the prayer.

Many things were ready for the prayer. Whole roasted pig was one of the hightlight. Even Yee Shang was on the table for the prayer. Fruits are the neccessity on the praying table.

Whole roasted pig cost rm760. Later the pig will divided into many parts in order every can get a piece of pork. The roasted pork was crispy enough and it is perfect match with special made chilli sauces. The bottom right were some pink breads. Normally no one will eat this after the prayers because it was tasteless like normal bread. My mom will collect some go home and cookes french toast with it. It was awesome compare to normal Gardenier French toast.

Building up the golden mountain was one of the task performed by the whole family before the prayer. Everyone will gather in front of the house and start stacking up the folded golden praying money.

The mountain was ready. Shot from different angles. People said the higher the mountain, the more money you can earn. So, everyone was trying to build their mountain higher than other people in order to earn moner $$$.

This was what happened to the golden mountain we built earlier. We need to burn it. I not so sure this is for what purpose. We just follow only.

Firecrackers on the way. Please beware. Danger ahead.

Photo shooting session with the fireworks. What happened if the firecrakers suddenly start craking when I was holding it?

Cover your ear please. That was too loud!!!!

Time to Lou Shang again. This is my 8th time lou shang. Lou till sien jor!!!

2ND aunty was the only one who know how to cut the whole pig. It wasn't an easy jobs and it need a lot of experience and also energy. Some sweats were coming down from her forehead showed that this was an exhausting activity.

Chines New year going to end soon. Everybody was going to back to their own place to start their job and studies again. Blue Monday aheas waiting for us.