Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I am a true England die hard

Football fever was all around the world now. All the topics that going around us are just only about football, the team, the players and the match. Of course a lot of critics to those team that performed badly in the world cup. What team you support dude? I support England. You know, most of the Malaysian support England because they knew the players very well since we saw their face every weekend on the TV. Many of them out there critics alot and said the are not going to support England anymore. If you really a die hard fans to a team you should be performed like me.

10 random things to be a die hard fans of England :

You must giving your best support to them no matter the team winning or losing. No team in the world can maintain 100% unbeaten record. So always prepare to facing the lose. Ball is round anything can happen out there.

You know your team well. Even when people critics about your team, you still will have something to defend your team.

Always believe miracle to happen even you know it wont happen.

When watching England game, you will be very nervous even more nervous when having sex  for the first time.

When opponent scored a goal to draw the game or the opponent are keep on attacking England goal, you will angry till you hope they will lose in this match but what you hope is not what you hope inside your heart.

When they performed badly, you will critics a lot but all those critics was because I am too die hard to England.

Friends beside mestarted to not supporting England or pursuit me to support other strong guns but I will always find an excuse to pursuit myself to support England .

Even your team kena trash by other people, you will still held your head high and tell people you supporting England.

I knew other teams were way stronger than England. But I will only praise those team but not leaveing England alone and support them.

And the last one even I am freaking busy, I still spend my time checking the latest update of the team and watch their match.

I am an England fans since I first time watching football, although everytime they show us hope but later on they will give us lots dissapointment. They are not winning any silverware after the 1966 world cup but I believe miracle will happen someday or maybe today. People are critizing the team and the player but still here supporting them.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Restaurant Rasa Rain 味不同海鲜坊

Get bored with those seafood restaurant around Malaysia. Yea. You should try this Rasa Lain Seafood Restaurant. Rasa Lain actually means different taste in Malay. They deserved to have the name of "Different taste" because they really provide different and unique type of preparing the seafood. Malaysian get bored very fast in everything. So, the food premise should always create new style of food to attract more customer. Actually this reastaurant was not so famous when I first went there. But after a couple of months, Ah Xian had went there for an interview with the owner of the restaurant and help him to promote his special and best seafood to the Malaysia people.

This is the reason why there were so famous now :

The impact of Ah Xian was so big to those who always craving for food in Malaysia. Once Ah xian visited your restaurant, you will be famous all the time. Of course I am the one who always love to watch his programme because I am a great food lover.

Last time the medium sized restaurant able to stuff all their customer in. But now a lot of the customers had to wait outside for their turn to be served. I think they need to bigger their restaurant in order to have more business with them.

Fishballs were the must order food. The fishball was bouncy enough and there weren't any fishy smell and taste. Even you don't like fish, I confirmed you will fall in love with this fishball. Normally if you ordered fishballs they will served befire the main course as an appetizer. But the price was a bit expensive for it. I not sure but I heard somebody said one fishball for rm1.20.

Highlight of the restaurant. Claypot crab rice. You can find all style of cooking the crab butter crab, sweet and sour crab, eggyolk fried crab, chilli crab but you definitely haven't try this claypot crab rice before. That's why the deserved the name "Rasa Lain". The rice was soft enough and it was not sticky. The crab used was fresh from the water. Mixed with some sauces ( I think their special recipe). Last time, you can order on the spot and then they will cooked for you. But now you must call and order with them before you reach the shop because everyone was coming for the crab rice. Many of them couldn't manage to get their first taste of the crab rice due to lacking of stock. Right thumb up.

Another trademark of the restaurant. Claypot vermicelli with fish head. Actually they famous in doing the claypot with crab but eating too much crabs weren't good for health so we chose to order fish head. The soup that they cooked was tasty until you will gulping bowl by bowl. I don't know how to describe the taste. You must try yourself only you will find out how ncie was the vermicelli react with fishhead and soup. Left thumb up.

Sotong cooked with chilli. Just like normal restaurant one. The sotong wasn't spicy enough. Even if you can't stand with those super spicy food, you can have it with your rice.

Pork intestine cooked with garlice, spring onion and chilli padis. They intestine was very clean until you won't find any weird smell. Ginger was used to prevent those weird smell.

Another highlight again. Claypot cheese prawn. Cheese was from the western style while the claypot was from the oriental style. So here we had fusion claypot chessy prawn. They used a lot of cheese to cook this prawn. Oriental mixing with those western style always provide the best things. If you are a cheese lover, you can't miss this really.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Miserable car incident

There were two miserable things that happened to my car past few weeks. Comparing with those who crash their car with 160km/h mine was just a small matter. But for me, having these two fucked up incident had costed me a lot of problem.

Incident 1:
I was just finished watching thomas cup cup live in Stadium Putra. I had a glance at my phone, damn  it was already 12 in the midnight. I rushed to my car that parked far away from the stadium. Here I reached my car. And key was forced into the starter to run the car. Fuck my life!!! I can't start my car. I tried for more than 20 times by twisting and turning the starter and I gave up. I am blacked out. Don't know what to do. I had no experience when car broke down. I tried to calm myslef down and had an idea now about open up the bonnet. Ishhh... I don't know where to open it. After searching for 5 minutes, and the switch appeared and the bonnet opened up. So what I got no idea after seeing those engine and parts in the bonnet.

Screw up myself la. As a man we should know more about how the car engine run about. I can tell not all the guys can tell what happened to their car when their car broke down. I called up the 24 hours service center and the foreman came to save my day. He discovered my car battery had dried out. I had to change my battery earlier because I having difficulty when starting the car. I should had realise it earlier. The foreman advised me not to change the battery now because the price was expensive in the midnight. Normal battery was about RM130 but they charged RM250 in the midnight and I don't have that kind of money with me that time. So, jump start had taken part and the car got his power back for once. The foreman told me not to shut down the engine until you reached home and park your car well or you need to do the jump start again. I had lost RM50 for doing jump start in the midnight. And the other day my car was sent to service and now it was running smoothly. The worst part was not about losing RM50. The worst part was the car breaking down in the midnight and we became the food of the mosquitoes. And I forced to reach home by 2am.

Incident 2 :
Incident two was abit ridiculous. I was having Hung Kee wantan mee near Jalan Loke Yew. After finishing my lunch, I had noticed my front number plate had been stolen or maybe dropped.

After sometimes I realised my number plate had stolen by someone while I was having lunch. Screw that buglar that stole the number plate. I was forced to buy a new number plate again.

For those who driving the older version of MYVI SE please beware because you may lost your number plate in the future. As we know, number plate has no value. Even you stole the number plate away, you can sell it with a good price because it is just a rectangular plastic with some plastic number on it. But for myvi se the there was a holder for the number plate. The holder was attached to the front part of the car before the number plate was apply to the holder. The holder itself costs about Rm39. I just predicted the culprit was Myvi SE driver that lost his number plate holder. That's why he need mine to replace his. Macha you can't pay RM39 to get a new one meh?

I nearly never realized that they changed the wrong number for me. My initial number for my car was WRE 2892. They fixed WRE 5892 for me. I nearly got a piece of saman from the cop. But later on, they fixed back for me. I got myself losing to Magnum and 3D for the new number plate.